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Work Life Integration: The Key To Productivity

  • 30th Sep'22

According to Stanford University research, employee productivity suddenly drops after a 50-hour work week and even more after 55 hours, to the point where a person who works 70 hours a week produces nothing more than those additional 15 hours. Therefore, contrary to what the general public believes, working more hours at the office does not make one a better employee. 

The above figure is evidence that a certain working hour has nothing to do with your productivity. If you are still thinking about why work-life integration is important for the productivity of employees, then let’s have a look at it.


Prevention of the occurrence of burnout

Burnout is the most common thing among corporate employees today, but I have seen many employees who understand the importance of work-life integration and usually take up tasks according to their bandwidth of work.  If you are also willing to implement it in your life, focus on making realistic expectations. I often get this question from corporate professionals -  why a work-life integration is important for the productivity of employees? You see, the chance of burnout is considerably decreased by having great work-life integration. By addressing the burnout symptoms, employee productivity will rise.

The 21st century is the epitome of modern advancements, but as you know, it has also increased undue stress. So, to avoid this stress, work-life integration is the most effective solution. It comes with the freedom to complete your work according to your time.


Increases creative thinking

You need room for your brain to think. It's not intended to be continuously swamped with interactions from people, social media, emails, phone calls, and texts. You cannot think creatively when you are always anxious and overwhelmed. It will directly affect your productivity. I don’t think there is a single person who doesn’t want to be successful in their life. Critical and creative thinking boosts the chance to achieve that. It is quite simple if you see, the more critical and creative thinking assists you to think beyond challenges, you can actually see the bigger picture at that time.

I am sure you must be thinking - “How can I be better at creative thinking?” But first you need to understand the importance of work-life balance to streamline your thoughts and align them with your actions. The less complicated your thinking is, the more efficient your work is going to be.

Improves the quality of your relationships

Socializing, going to your kids' school events, or spending time on a hobby all contribute to living a fulfilling life that makes you happier both at home and at work. The importance of work-life integration plays a major role in maintaining healthy bonds between your family members. I have been fortunate to understand this at an early stage of my professional life. It was not easy. In our lives we are all at a different pace, accomplishing things. It is natural to get stuck among different priorities. Work-life integration saves you from the dilemma of choosing. Get a distinct idea of what your priority is in the family in the coming week and plan it accordingly.
It is a best time to live in because there are some amazing tech hacks that will help you with work-life integration. Make sure that you are implementing them in your work.

Increase your awareness regarding your priorities

Do you know what is the best part about work-life integration? 

  1. You can schedule your priority tasks

  2. You can give yourself a considerable amount of time

  3. You will spend less time on the least important tasks

  4. You will pay attention to the bigger picture of your tasks. It would not be restricted to just checking the task list.

As you can see from the above pointers, once you are aware of your tasks, your focus will be in the right place. You will personally feel the impact created by your work.


Tell me, if you feel less stressed, are in good mental and physical health, and experience a sense of community at work, aren’t you going to be more inspired? It is evident that you will perform better and engage effectively with your team, which will result in a highly productive environment. In such cases, do not shy away from providing feedback to your team about what could be improved.



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