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Work From Home - How To Continue By Convincing Your Boss?

  • 22nd Oct'21

“Work From Home,” isn’t that a dream come true? I am confessing this on behalf of millennials who were always on the go for work. The time they needed to tend to their families or make a social impact, everything went for a toss in their busy schedules. The advent of the pandemic and the uncalled lockdown allowed them to trust in technology and top off their targets. But, as everything is finally falling into place, companies are calling back their employees to make optimum use of the office space. Now the real question is, 

Are you ready to move back from the comforts of your home to a lot of commuting every morning and evening to reach work? 

Are you willing to compromise the time-saver flexible lifestyle with the strict work atmosphere? How have you benefitted from remote working? And most importantly, how can you convince your boss to work remotely?


Benefits Of Remote Work

Remote work has been a blessing in disguise, and no, it’s not because it’s comfortable. It is because it worked. We are in the digital era, and the dots connected help us seamlessly in our work commitments. Virtual meetings ensured no communication gap existed, and video calls made it easy to check with respective teams for workflow. Here are some of the benefits of remote Work.


Time Management

One of the most effective outcomes of remote work is doing a lot of things in less time. It is because you are at peace and have better concentration. It ensures a career boost by allowing you to track your targets and achieve them with minimum intervention from competitors.


Flexible Hours

We all have social status, and our responsibilities make us seek flexibility in our schedules. Remote work ensures you can connect to work at any time of the day. The flexibility feature helps employee productivity levels and minimizes job burnout


Work-Life Integartion

By spending quality time at home, employees feel they have a better work-life integration. Even in their busy schedules, they can tend to their family’s needs.


Improved Mental Health

With increased attention of family, rise in productivity, flexibility, and enhanced creative approaches to work, employees experience improved mental health.


Tips To Convince Your Boss For Remote Work

Announce Your Achievements

People who used to take the liberty of taking a day to work-from-home in a week had to resort to full-time remote working during the lockdown. Highlighting your achievements and the time taken will give your boss a preview of your accomplishments. You must illustrate to them how remote working enabled you to omptimize the cust of available resources. Count the projects you have done, how well you managed your team, how have you polished their accomplishments, and if you have got any appreciation during this period. You must track all of these facts so that you can exhibit your achievements and impress your boss while working remotely.


Show How Would The Firm Benefit? 

Every boss is an employee first. So they assess the benefits to the firm in letting you work from home. Take them through the cost-cutting benefits when employees work from home. You have to depict an overall increase in productivity, saving up company costs in additional motivation training or webinars. Also, being in touch with your family will focus on your mental wellness. Talk to them specifically about the work-from-home setup you have designed to work better. Emphasize your increased concentration due to minimal distractions as a result of eliminating commute time.


Avoid The Bubble

Employees often fall into their own bubble while working from home. But you must show your presence even when a physical connection is not possible with your workmates. Initiate a Skype call and be in touch with them. Be responsive with your work commitments and stay a pro. Most of the time, companies check your track of efficiency in that mandatory remote working phase. Chase for perfection then so that you do not disappoint them with your performance and get an easy yes for long-term remote work.


Don’t Wait Too Long

If you absolutely want a remote work schedule, don’t wait to burst the news right when the company decides on a transition. Do it beforehand, mainly after a notable accomplishment. Approach informally to convince your boss to work remotely. Try to hint by informing them about your rise in productivity level and focus on a home setup. Draw their attention from your most minor to most significant contributions towards the projects and communicate the profitable impact on the firm. If necessary, tweak your terms for a more flexible approach towards a remote working arrangement. By raising early permission, you will make life easier for your boss.


Ask For A Trial

It may not always convince your boss about what you like about a remote work schedule. In such a case, talk to them for a grace period. Ensure you make optimum use of the opportunity in that time and showcase your skills. Be innovative with your work methods, communicate loud and clear with your teammates, and strive for excellence in your accomplishments. In that short trial period, work as much as you do at the office without compromising quality.


Chase That Conviction

The pandemic has made us realize that we are far more capable than just simple technicals who could complete their work on time. We can innovate, bring quality and ensure excellent jobs even from the comforts of our homes. We also understood that life is short to keep working. You can do a lot more with a remote work setup. So chase that conviction, dream bigger and display your proficiency through your work. The time is right to flex those hours and chase your dreams to include multitasking in your schedules. When you are ready to initiate a change and display quality and sincerity with your work, you can easily convince your boss to work remotely. However, look at all the aspects if you get a stern no also maintaining an excellent relationship with your boss.


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