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Why You're Never Too Old to Set New Goals?

  • 12th Feb'22

We have often been given boundaries in life by people who have stayed confined to their minds. They tell us we can't be this or that, or after a point, it's a waste to have ambitions. Well, I agree it is a challenge to be a pro-active person all the time, especially when you age. But again, I would not deny the possibility of it. I want to set this idea with an example. On the jogger's park, every day when I go for a run, a super senior person sheds his kilos by slow jogging. I have hardly seen him take any breaks; on the other hand, a handsome lot of middle-aged people keep taking breaks and make excuses to skip exercise. While exercising is a personal choice to stay healthy and flexible, and it is entirely up to people to the extent they want to work out, the example is a simple reflection of life. 

People grow through their experiences, and believe me when I say you only find wisdom with age. So if someone tells you that you are too old to set new goals, stop them there. Because with goals, you get direction and purpose in life. In organizations, senior employees are also convinced that their focus is unparalleled, and they are more inclined to their roles only when they get older. However, the crucial thing to have is goals. The article below will emphasize the fact that why you're never too old to set new goals.


Why should You Set Newer Goals with Age?

  • Clarity

As millennials, most of us do not know what we want in life and gain that perspective only with life's journey and numerable experiments. Clarity is essential in knowing where we are headed and understanding if we are on the right track, and realizing its importance as we age.


  • Confidence

It is funny how age and experience inflict confidence and humor in us. It is imperative that we overcome a lack of confidence to pursue our goals in life. After some failures and successes in life, we learn to appreciate life on its terms. That is when we become more confident in our roles. Many renowned leaders have claimed to find self-confidence after they have reached 60 years and do not refrain from taking risks. They say, "You only try to preserve your image when you are trying to impress someone, and that only happens when you are younger."


  • Art Of Introspection

It is safe to accept that the art of introspection intensifies as you age. Ask anyone you have come across. For example, you eat whatever you like when you are young without bothering about the impact on your body. But you develop a conscious being when you age and understand the need to maintain your mental health and body. Many people(mostly with age) adopt a holistic way of living because they feel more connected to their bodies and minds.


  • Motivation

You are never too old to set new goals as goals only motivate you to become your better version. We live our lives fearing too many things and overlooking our happiness. But with goals, you are inspired to make your dreams come true. Imagine if Colonel Sanders had stopped pursuing his dream and given up on his dream, KFC would have never been a world-famous fast-food chain today. So motivation comes with goals and purpose irrespective of age.


  • Sense of Accomplishment

When you age and achieve career fulfillment and primary goals in life, like family, financial, and fitness goals, you get a sense of accomplishment. You are more driven to what you have not achieved yet and work on them. Now, these goals are more of commitment to your relationships and the happiness of your mind and soul. 


  • Optimization

With age, you have more time in your hands to fulfill more of your major responsibilities. It's like at the beginning of your career and how you rediscover joy at work. With immense opportunities, you set out to utilize your time polishing your skills and having fun at them. Life experience also brings an innate understanding of doing everything by optimal use of resources. 


Radiant Examples

To add to your conviction of starting afresh today, I have brought you some famous examples of personalities who proved that it's never too late to set new goals.


1. Betty White, the award-winning comedian, became an icon only after becoming a part of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" in 1973, aged 51.

2. Ray Kroc, the man behind the expansion of the McDonald's chain across the US and other countries, bought the brand aged 52 years. What if he had stopped listening to his inner desire to do more than being a traveling salesman?

3. The pioneer of restaurant ratings, Duncan Hines, wrote his first food and hotel guide aged 55. At 73 years, he got the license to use his recipes in Duncan Hines cake mixes.


Age Never A Barrier!

If you have the intention to bring a change in your life or achieve something bigger (material or spiritual), age can never be a barrier. The article above lays down how newer goals can bring a structure to your boring life. I am not being critical because I have massive respect for people for who they are. It's just that older people admit that they feel a sense of purpose with goals, and it gives them something to look forward to. Since they find value in the progress they make, they profoundly acknowledge the fact that it's never too late to set new goals. Have you set yours?


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