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Why Women Need Personal Branding Now More Than Ever

  • 26th Apr'22

You keep mentioning you want to stand out in your sector, gain industry authority, get featured on national television, expand your firm, speak on a big stage, or confidently apply for that six-figure position. Do you, as you read this, have online visibility that reflects that?
If you've ever tried to build your own brand from the bottom up, you know how daunting it can be, yet it's more important than ever for women right now.

During the pandemic, American working women were especially hard affected. They used to make up more than a quarter of the workforce, but that percentage isn't likely to return until 2024. To say the least, it was a difficult year, and we had to make some difficult choices. 

Stay-at-home orders, school closures, and the advent of remote employment radically altered the lives of many women. Hundreds of thousands of working mothers lost their employment as child care centers closed, forcing far more women than men to stay at home and prioritize family needs.

Personal branding for women is very important now that it is time returning to work. Whether you're looking for a new job, a promotion, or a competitive advantage, it's essential that you showcase the best version of yourself online - what you do, what you stand for, and what you believe in.


How does personal branding work?

We often associate a well-crafted brand with large organizations, yet this couldn't be far from the truth. It has become a key ingredient to success on both the personal and professional frontiers in this digital age when we are the product.

The truth is that you have complete control over how the rest of the world perceives you and, as a result, your professional brand. You have everything you need, both visually and verbally, to infuse new life into any work environment you're in (or want to occupy).

Creating a strong and authentic personal brand is the differentiator. The key to securing more interviews, being considered for more opportunities, and giving people around you a memory of who you are, whether you're an intrapreneur aiming for a six-figure promotion, the founder of a non-profit, or a self-employed Etsy designer wanting to share ideas with the world. 

A personal brand gives you power over your future professional move by allowing you to attract the employer you desire, not just the one who will hire you again.


Why female entrepreneurs need it

Everyone has changed as a result of these times, including us. We now have more time to focus on our principles and passions. Struggles brought out our best qualities and set us apart from others.

For many, after the pandemic brought clarity about which ambitions they wanted to pursue in the future, which ones they should abandon, and where they may find a larger purpose. All of the factors mentioned come together to make you who you are. This insight is essential for creating a personal brand story and will help you actually grow. When you include it into your branding, you're alerting others to what you want and expect from your next job, as well as what they can anticipate from you.

When you walk out of the room, what story do you want people to tell about you? Your brand is defined by the message you leave behind. If done successfully, it will eventually become more than a job or a business; it will become your legacy. Whether you want to return to the same industry, create your own firm, or run for political office, a strong brand will help you achieve all of your objectives.


Building a personal brand after a pandemic

As the world became more sophisticated and dependent on technologies and the development of lockdowns and other restrictions, the world became a little more savvy and reliant on technology. We all got crash training in video chats, remote employment, or schooling, and we all boosted our general online activity, which may have included Googling a few new people who appeared in our social feeds. As people emerge from their cocoons and seek new relationships and reconnect with old ones, the same amount of online curiosity will remain.

According to the Pew Research Center, 31% of individuals in the United States now spend practically all of their time online. So clearly, whether we're gazing at a screen or creating information for people to find, our online presence has an impact on our daily life. 

What one of us puts out into the digital world has an effect. You may attract the people, employers, and relationships you want by developing a personal brand online, while also letting the world know what you won't stand for. It establishes clear limits and expectations, and it informs the world about your presence, ideals, and work ethic.

Because your digital imprint is the first impression most employers, future connections, and potential clients will see, how you present yourself online is more crucial than ever. Individuals will always buy from people, and they will not engage with stories that do not resonate with them. If they can't connect with you, it's unlikely that they'll want to buy from you. That link is your unique brand.
Is your brand a reflection of your inner self? Have you established a professional online presence that you can be proud of? The better you promote yourself online, the easier it will be for you to move on. It contains story, vision, and purpose when done correctly, and it keeps an audience loyal and dedicated, no matter what.


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