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Why should You not be Too Important To Your Team?

  • 12th Sep'21

It is often the question of a reputation for managers to acknowledge that they are not that important to their team. Team members also tend to rely on that one manager to accomplish a bigger goal. And as much as this rapport is excellent among the team and the lead, it can pose a problem later in their growth curves. 

So, is it a good thing as a manager to always be available to your team?

Can managers appreciate the idea of not overindulging in the functioning of the team?

Can you trust your team members to accomplish projects by themselves?

Practically speaking, that is the primary difference between a manager and an efficient leader!


How can Managers Create Leaders?

No Interference

An aspiring leader must encourage their team to wave through the tides without their help. They must build their life jackets. When managers jump in every time the going gets tough, employees do not commit to their work. So giving into that last-minute plunge for assisting your team is a big no-no!


The Art of Self Reliance

Challenge your team with different scenarios to work out their own solutions. Encourage them to present their action plans from the work-in-progress stage. Train them to approach you with some strategy rather than relying on your procedures entirely. Lead when you have no power. The art of self-reliance is one of the biggest in any sector.


Go with the Flow

When you make leaders of employees, the way they work will create a difference of opinion. Be comfortable with it. Do not try to instill peace when there are disagreements. It is a sign that your team is ready to involve each other’s mindset and function together. All you have to do is remind them of the company’s objectives and their individual career goals. Focus on training new managers effectively.


Small Steps in the Right Direction

It’s a great feeling to know that your team needs you before hopping onto a significant project. But when you prepare your team to become future leaders, you let go of that ego. Managers ought to fill out the gaps in communication by uniquely motivating every team member and also managing through a layoff. But do not forget, they always look at you. So how you accomplish your tasks independently is also a significant factor to make your team high performers irrespective of your presence. Because a leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way!


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