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Why Should You Be A Good Boss To Yourself?

  • 18th Nov'21

In the past year, we have seen the world stumble and come back to its feet. We learned the importance of time like never before. The lockdown and job layoffs made many people drift to embark on their journeys as entrepreneurs. With many dreams to unfold, they took a plunge into this choice to give their careers a forward push. While starting something new is a wholly unique experience, it also teaches the significance of self-discipline. But what is the importance of being a good boss?

It’s one thing to work for someone else and another to be your own boss. So, rather than having unrealistic expectations from yourself, understand the need to balance your life and have better control over it. The article below will tell you all about it and more.


Why Be A Good Boss?

A good boss ensures you meet your targets, work through your objectives and have a great work-life integration. You should be a better boss to yourself for the following reasons:


To Track Your Progress

If you have ever worked under a boss, you will know that they review your performances and give you feedback on your qualities that need to be worked upon. So as a good boss of yourself, you must provide your best, but see where you are now and how far you have to go. The journey and your progress motivate you to become a better entrepreneur.


To Create Better Opportunities

A good boss sees to get the best out of a situation by creating better opportunities for their employees. How often has your boss put you in other engagements when work gets completed for one project in order for you to learn better? As you become your own boss, invest in such growth opportunities. Look for projects beyond your network and give them a go. 


To Upskill Yourself

The boss knows it all. By assessing employees, they understand what skills one needs to gain a competitive advantage over others. Being a good boss to yourself can analyze what skills you need to refine and upgrade yourself as a competitive entrepreneur.


To Accomplish Your Mission

A boss ensures that employees understand the mission of the organization and work tirelessly to accomplish that mission. When you work on yourself to be an entrepreneur, you have to think outside the box and work endlessly to get the desired outcome. 


Tips To Be A Good Boss To Yourself

Have a Journal

A journal helps you stay in the right direction. It could be a personal and professional one where you write your daily routine and analyze what needs to be changed. It will help you realize what your inner strengths are and magnify them for better results. As an entrepreneur, you may feel obligated to fulfill every responsibility from setting up to the full-fledged functioning of your business. But with a journal, you can plan better and outsource what you must.


Prioritize your Goals

Classify jobs based on their urgency. This exercise will give you a better perspective and line up your responsibilities on a priority basis. For a smooth workflow and guaranteed results, make priorities on a regular basis, like quarterly, monthly, or yearly. At the start of every day, ensure you give your priority list a good look, get it done and assess the list for any misses. 


Find Sources of Motivation

Motivation can come through any source, be it books, leaders, or competitors. Invest in anything that motivates you in the establishment of your business and achieve career fulfillment. It is often a bumpy ride for entrepreneurs with risks and failures, but getting the right motivation can bring them success in undefined ways. So catch hold of that book that trains your mind to outperform yourself in the pursuit of your goals effectively.


Assess Your Daily Accomplishments

A good boss checks to see if the employees have accomplished what they are meant to do regularly. When you do that to yourself as an entrepreneur, you feel happy and also open doors of immense possibilities. There is a strong relationship between happiness and career success. So by clearing off one particular goal, you look ahead for better alternatives, strategies, and solutions. Also, you trust in your capabilities and get consistent with your performance. 


Own Your Mistakes But Move On

Being a good boss to yourself implies you do not hide your own weaknesses. It’s normal to make mistakes as you begin your business journey. However, understand it’s part and parcel of the learning curve. So own your mistakes when you learn about them but do not get stuck there. Move on and take steps not to repeat the same mistake and compensate for your weaknesses with logical reasoning.


Take Breaks

One of the many reasons for job dissatisfaction is the impractical expectation of oneself, which entrepreneurs should not do. You deserve to take it slow, pave your map with knowledge, smart work, and the right skills. The path could still pose you with uncertain blocks or risks. However, do not be so indulged in work that you forget to have a life beyond work. Take breaks, rediscover joy at work, network outside, go on vacations, spend time with your kids and family. What’s important is how you manage your work, answer your stresses, and find an easy escape from your issues.


Seek Help When Necessary

A good boss understands that a business can never function single-handedly, and that’s when teams come into play. As an entrepreneur, you must seek help from your surrounding experts and employees when necessary. In fact, as a good boss, you must let them lead in spaces that aren’t your special areas.

More often, just remember, “Be gentle with yourself. You are doing the best you can!”


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