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Why Is Mentorship Important For Leadership?

  • 30th Jul'21

Many companies emphasize the need to develop future leaders from within the organization resulting in a growing trend. Because present executives won't stay around indefinitely, it's ideal for maintaining the business's long-term stability. Mentorship is essential for developing internal leaders.


How is mentoring valuable to leadership?

For any entrepreneur, business owner, or leader, a mentoring relationship might be an effective approach to speed learning and improve leadership abilities. Mentors may assist you in focusing on difficulties and gaining insight. They might be able to motivate and support you when you need it. Simply put, mentorship brings the best out of the people you lead. 


Here's why leadership requires mentorship:


  • Mentorship helps to develop a stronger internal talent pool

Many workers' intentions to stay with the company are determined by the degree of mentorship they receive. According to Deloitte's research, 43% of millennial workers expect to leave their present employment within two years. Employers should start thinking about how they might meet the growing need for mentorship. This will not only enhance employee retention and lower the cost of acquiring external talent, but will also create a stronger talent pool for future leadership.

In fact, there is a greater demand for leaders who can effectively guide organizations through upheaval. Mentoring will be crucial in ensuring that individuals who are aware of the rising problems are also capable of leading successfully.


  • Mentors can observe what others can’t

A mentor will help the company see how and where participants in development programs may progress. Because line managers and HR have limited in-person time with each individual, they may not receive this visibility. Most essentially, the mentor may relay this information to individuals who are getting training, ensuring that the criticism is positive and that accomplishments are recognized.


  • Mentors help to build strong business relationships across the business

Relationships formed via internal connections that give support will be critical to long-term growth. Because successful leadership is built on strong connections, many of those ties will already be in place inside the organization by the time people are ready to take on the leadership role.


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