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Why Impostor Syndrome Is Every Woman’s Secret Weapon?

  • 16th Jun'21

Impostor Syndrome comes with negativity. This brings in the feeling of you being the only underconfident, tremulous person at your workplace. But, you can use this as your secret weapon to succeed in your office.

Surprising right? 

So, let us know why impostor syndrome is every woman's secret weapon? 

Well, according to a report from Catalyst published in a BBC article, only 26.1% of women in the US hold directorships. Of the 18% population in the US, only 5 % hold seats in the boardrooms for women of color. 

Research shows that being a woman, you are more prone to Imposter syndrome than men. Despite this gender and color inequality, you can handle stress and work more efficiently than men. This is because you use Impostor Syndrome as a tool to self-check that helps them give excellent results. If Impostor Syndrome has its cons, finding the benefits of Impostor Syndrome is also important.  

This self-checking mechanism makes you repeatedly cross-check your work. It brings efficiency and accuracy to your task. 

But how to use them as your weapon to enhance your performance? 


Is Impostor Syndrome every a woman's secret weapon? 


  • Never say Never 

​​​Impostor Syndrome makes you say no to every opportunity that knocks at your door. But remember, Opportunity strikes just once. So, accept challenges and say yes to every task assigned. The feeling of self-doubt will only make you excel at your job. Don’t give time to your mind to ask questions at all. 


  • When in doubt, shout it out

Impostor syndrome stops you from asking questions. You have a constant feeling that asking questions will make you feel stupid. No one knows everything about everything. So, when you are stuck or are ignorant about something, feel free to ask questions. You have the right to demand answers. 


  • Speak Up

When you are suffering from Impostor Syndrome, you are prone to be vulnerable. This is not good for you at your workplace. So, talk about your fears with your bosses and colleagues. Sharing your mind and heart regarding things you are not  consciously aware of only helps you improve your performance. Talking always opens doors to solutions. You can also talk to a counsellor who will tell you how impostor syndrome affects your health and how to overcome them?

These are some basic habits that you embrace, you can use Impostor Syndrome as your weapon to enhance your performance. 


A few encouraging words for anyone dealing with Impostor Syndrome is of great help for them.

As Anderna Sawyer, an author, consultant and strategist, talks about Impostor Syndrome, “The ultimate act of surrender to God is rebellion against lies: the lies that the enemy has spoken to you, and the lies that you might have told yourself about you.”


For more information on this topic, please refer to the link below. 

Because rather than the corrosive, ambition-sapping phenomena women believe they have been saddled with, Impostor Syndrome is a miraculous self-checking gauge that delivers excellence. Read More


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