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Why Impostor Syndrome Can Be a Competitive Advantage

  • 16th Jun'21

Impostor Syndrome, a feeling of negative self-perception can be turned into competitive advantage! Do you know how the syndrome gets on the nerves of successful people with more accomplishments? It turns them from a go-getter to a procrastinator. It comes with a heavy intensity that your sheer luck backs up your achievements. Not just that, Impostor Syndrome affects your health as well.

So how do you recognize it?


Signs of Impostor Syndrome


Less Interaction

You will find them unwilling to share their feelings.


Understate Achievements

They try to hide their minor achievements as they feel inadequate.


Extra Hours

They pull extra hours as a result of dissatisfaction with their work


Constant Fears

Fear of incompetence makes them not ready to ask for help.


Work it Out!

Here’s how you can turn the impostor syndrome into a competitive advantage


Tuck in your Self-Doubts and Bring the Best in you

It’s okay to feel inadequate but don’t let it block your energies to see what you can do to excel.


Make it Known

As you feel weighed down by your negative thoughts, talk about it to a mentor who you can trust. Many who suffer hardly talk about it. Be the torchbearer.


Own your Mistakes

To err is human. You must learn from your errors, forgive, forget and move on but don’t repeat them. The essence is in finding the benefits of Impostor Syndrome.


Keep a Tag of Raves

Always maintain a log of thank you’s and positive notes and look at them when you feel down. It reminds you how important you are to your people.


Shine from the Whine

As you move on with life, the voices in your head learn to be resilient, and you act on them.


Invite the Happy Hormones

Learn to smile through the woes. Activities can make you forget the limitations your brain cripples you with. You move forward, proving yourself a competitor with no convictions.


Take a Break/ Reward yourself

When you pause for a break or count your achievements, it drives you to feel better and helps you find ways to deal with Impostor Syndrome.

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. Likewise, bloom in life without considering any setback a big blow. Learn from it and use it to remodel yourself. 

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