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Why Do We Fail at Leadership?

  • 16th Jun'21

Leadership study today is mainly focused on understanding successful leaders of the past. Now, it may be because they want some inspiration to create their drive for success. However, in emulating and replicating the victory, they often miss an essential aspect of understanding the lessons in leadership.


Learning from Fail Leadership

It’s been quite common these days where a person put in a managerial or leadership position fails to make an impact. Also, if you have a closer look at their failure, you can notice that their loss has nothing to do with their qualifications, as their capabilities got them into the position in the first place. So, why do they fail then?


Can’t Get Over Themselves

A lot of managers and people in leadership role tend to make things about themselves. Like how they have a chance to make their stars shine even brighter. In the process, they try to control everything under themselves with little to no regard for their team members’ opinions and suggestions. They even try to be an empathic leader.


Blindly Expecting Support

Just because you have the authority doesn’t mean people will raise their hands in support automatically. Understand that they are people first and then employees. And no person would blindly support any person unless all they care about is their paychecks. Paycheck people can never play essential roles in your success. To not fail at leadership, you will need people committed to your visions, and for this, you will have to earn their success.


See Leadership as an Opportunity

But not just to carve only your growth of it, for it is least likely to happen. Leadership is an opportunity to grow better as a team and not as an individual. When you see your growth in the growth of others, that’s when you are guaranteed to succeed.


Lack of Communication

It can never be one way to communicate, meaning you cannot expect your employee to blindly take orders and deliver just because you see that process as effective. It is equally or maybe more critical to understand that they can know a better way to do it and maybe look up to you for some guidance in it as explained in this article.


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