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Why did the Pandemic Make Impostor Syndrome Worse?

  • 29th Sep'21

Last year, the Covid-19 pandemic took over control worldwide. It dominated and altered the course of action that was considered the norm. Unemployment peaked, trade and commerce took an intense hit, and people were at the lowest mental health-wise. While everything suffered globally, you must have come across the term impostor syndrome.

Impostor syndrome is a phenomenon caused by both fear of both failure and success. It stems from a feeling of fraud wherein someone finds themselves unworthy of their achievements and lives in fear of getting found out. Many suffered from impostor syndrome for the first time, as nearly one billion were found depressed. Yes, depression alongside anxiety and lack of confidence are the common reasons that trigger impostor syndrome. Needless to say, but as a result of all of it, the pandemic made impostor syndrome worse, and here are the reasons that led to it.



For many, their job was the only source of income that provided financial support to them and their family. Organizations inadvertently had to release employees to cut down losses. While some could cope with the sudden jolt they faced, many had fallen prey to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Depression and anxiety are common symptoms that can trigger impostor syndrome in a person.


Business Failure

Business failure is another reason that made impostor syndrome worse during the pandemic. When it comes to business, small businesses suffer the most. Revenue came to a halt for many small businesses, and leftover business space was aptly covered and controlled by the large business organizations and industries. It folded several small businesses, which again created doubt in people if they could come out of the disaster.


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