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Where Does Confidence Come From? 5 Steps To Help You Achieve Confidence

  • 29th Nov'22

How everyone defines confidence?

We all have a similar definition of confidence. My question to all of you is - Where does confidence come from? Before you start quoting thesaurus words and definitions from dictionaries, I want you to think about it.

You take your time. Meanwhile, let’s hear what Dr. Richard Petty from Ohio State University has to say about this. He says that confidence is nothing but responsible for turning our thoughts into action. It is more action-oriented and less theory. I am sure by now you have also understood that the more you take initiative in the process, the more confident you are.

Today in this blog I will talk about the ways you can build confidence. Before we indulge in this, let’s first understand what does a lack of self-confidence looks like?


What are the signs of low self-confidence?

I have seen a few people in my network who are always looking out for people who lack confidence in certain areas. Now, I know that somewhere we'll have a gray area where we lack confidence. It is not something new, right? 

I have never encouraged biased judgments or any kind of judgments for the sake of it. I have never encouraged biased or any other type of judgment for the sake of it. If  however, I get the opportunity to guide someone or let them know that they can be a better version of themselves, then I go for it. Similarly, it is good to cite those low self-confidence areas and guide your partners, colleagues, or employees. 

These are some signs to watch out for - 

  • People with low self-confidence are unwilling to try something new. It may be any project or a place. They are in constant worry that things will go wrong and the results will be disastrous.

  • They avoid any social gatherings. It is obvious they already lack confidence, that they are not sure about their basic social skills. It is difficult for them to interact even in a small group.

  • These people constantly worry about what others think about them. In reality, nobody has the time to think. But people with low self-esteem keep creating some scenarios where they are stuck in a loop of negative narrations.

  • They don’t take care of themselves. You will see they have poor hygiene, don’t exercise, and are mentally exhausted.

  • Most often they are suffering from some kind of anxiety disorder. Not everyone, but if you observe closely you will find these people don’t have faith in themselves at all, resulting in low self-confidence.


  • After reading the above pointers, I think some of you can relate, but there’s no need to worry. I have given these pointers for you to be aware of. Let’s continue on our next segment, which is the ways you can build self confidence and assist others as well.


Where does confidence come from?


Focus on building positive relationships 

Your confidence can frequently be undermined by those who are negative and try to make you feel bad. Do you know the easiest method to come out of such relationships? Stop associating with those people. Think about it- you are lacking something and you are going to be a person taking advantage of that scarcity, you will be left with nothing! It is better to be very specific while selecting. Focus on building a relationship with values, peace and happiness and not anxiety.


Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is not difficult; nor am I saying that taking big steps in this journey is difficult.
At least take care of your happiness, your diet, and the physical activity you like most. It can be as simple as walking. You have to understand, most of your days will be just okay- these steps for self-care steps will help you look beyond that day, and enhance your happiness.

You may learn what makes you feel good about yourself by taking the time to consider your requirements. Gratitude and mindfulness exercises can also help you sleep better and manage your emotions better.


Work on a growth mindset

The term "growth mindset" refers to a perspective on difficulties and failures. Even if they struggle with particular skills, those with a growth mindset think their abilities aren't fixed. They believe that, with effort, their skills will advance over time.

The big question is how to develop this.

You can develop this quickly by asking for support when something is not working for you. You ask for it upfront. You share where you are stuck and let others know you are ready to move forward. 
This takes time; it is a bit easier for kids because they start early, but obviously, you are not restricted. Start today, and you will see significant growth in a few weeks.


Practice the right affirmations

Speaking the right words at the right time is a skill. We all talk about communication skills, but we forget about the way we talk to ourselves.

Don’t look so surprised. Remember when you were stuck in traffic and you were like, “Today I will not be able to complete my work on deadline”. You kept chanting it like a mantra, and you couldn’t complete it that day.
Listen, every time you are struggling with time, or relationships, do not jump on any narration. Stop, take a pause. How would you like to handle that situation? Think wisely, and then repeat the right affirmations - “I will listen to that person and then convey my thoughts” or "I will be confident today in any scenario," and you are free to rearrange this according to your situation. 

Practice the right affirmations if you want to make your life fulfilling.


Work on the challenge

You have been avoiding challenges for a long time. Now is the time to shine. You see, most of us are not born with a supremely confident personality, it needs to be nurtured. The best way to nurture this is to grab the challenge in front of you, and even if you are stuck somewhere, be confident enough and ask for help, ask for the right resources. These are the unique traits of a self confident person. Why do you want to be in a crowd when you can be different? 

Go ahead and take that challenge.


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