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Questions To Ask Your New Boss?

  • 21st Jan'22

Transition provides us with the opportunity to incorporate things that we missed before. So, when you start a new job or get a new boss at your present job, you must know how to cultivate a new relationship. Many things about a new boss may seem similar to your experience with ex-bosses, whereas many could be unique. 

The best way to build a long-lasting rapport with someone is through questions. Questions give us a perspective about the other person compared to assumptions and inhibitions

People can behave differently in a role, primarily due to their personalities. While you may find some bosses quiet, resilient, who expect you to understand your responsibilities on your own, some could be cordial and straightforward. And the people we are exposed to bring changes in our behavior too. Getting a new boss offers challenges and opportunities alike.

Hence it is safe to say that you can achieve success in your career if you share a harmonious relationship with your boss. This article will give you the right questions to ask your new boss to maintain relationships with them and create value.


8 Smart Questions To Ask Your New Boss


  • Which is your preferred channel of communication?

You will be communicating several times a day with your new boss regarding your work goals, targets achieved, work process, issues, etc. It is essential to understand how they like to communicate. Do they prefer calls over emails or messages? Do they appreciate you dropping by their office to discuss a problem face to face? Even in virtual communication, do they like a video conference over audio? This question helps create an effective communication channel and results in a smoother workflow as you know what will work in emergencies.


  • How do you like to send feedback?

Every manager has unique methods to assess employees and their feedback processes. Some like to suggest verbally things you can improve, while some like to demonstrate it practically through cases at work. What’s more important is collecting your daily feedback through the channel they are accustomed to. 


  • What specific skills are in demand for my role?

You must be a great performer at work, but it is always good to be ahead of others in the competitive market. So seek what you don’t know. Your boss has moved on from this stage and is exposed to different work standards and people. Hence asking for their advice and suggestions to move up the ladder is an efficient way to progress in a career. Moreover, you can also ask them for specific training that could help you excel in your role.


  • Who do you prefer to network with beyond the team?

This is more of a personal question. Although there is no limit to networking when it comes to your choice, different people bring different learning and opportunities. However, seeking your boss’s opinion in this matter will give them a perspective of how inclusive you are as an employee. They will feel the need to share how networking with so and so can take you closer to your goals and be beneficial for the team’s future.


  • How can I add value to the organization?

This question is as important to your boss as it is to you. When you look for clarity in your tasks by pointing out what’s necessary, you help them prioritize their tasks. They assess the importance of your role and come up with thoughtful solutions that help you accomplish your goals sooner and better. They push you to show your best in teams as well as individually.


  • What more can I do to improve my potential?

One of the smart questions to ask your new boss is to mentor you. We all need a person in life who is experienced, knows the journey, and has seen our struggles. A boss is one of the best persons to provide honest feedback and coach you to become the best version of yourself. You can push them to show you a better way for quick promotion and career growth. You can seek their help in understanding how to upskill yourself with the latest changes in technology and their impact on your work methods.


  • Can you spare some advice on work-life integration?

In this 21st century, we all want to enjoy a work-life integration instead of just slogging through the day and calling our lives a hard one, so knowing that if you can expect some counseling at times from your new boss is a good way to understand their personalities. Many bosses guide employees in managing their work better, giving them the space they lacked before. When you tell your boss you are facing job burnout, they provide you with solutions to manage time and produce quality. Bosses often make thoughtful gestures by including families at a few workplace events. 


  • What factors would you bring in different if you were in my role?

Asking your boss about their work process and perspective will not just help you develop your style but also give you an idea about your boss’s expectations of you. It gives them a sense of responsibility, and they feel willing to share their expertise while acknowledging the importance you give to them. What does it do for you? It gives you access to lots of information without much effort, gives you clarity about demands from your role, and nurtures your relationship with your new boss.



Your work depends on how you manage change at workplace and how well you can manage your boss. Above are the questions to ask your new boss if you wish to know your boss better. Asking the right questions gives us answers we would have never known. Imagine how long it would take you to build a rapport with your new boss if you refrain from asking questions. 

So to summarize the article, I would like to quote Albert Einstein, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”


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