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What Makes Inclusive Leaders Different From Others?

  • 17th Jun'21

Having people from diverse backgrounds and cultures in your team is always profitable. However, there still lies underrepresentation of women, mostly women of color in IT and other STEM fields in the US. This is where inclusive leadership comes in. 

Inclusive leadership is the ability to lead a group of diverse people while respecting their unique characteristics, cultures, and demographics. 

Why do we fail in leadership? 

Lacking a a mindset that encourages inclusivity at workplace is one of the main reasons to fail as a leader. 

To encourage inclusivity at your workplace, first, have an inclusive mindset. Second, you need to master certain traits to help people to engage more effectively with a wide range of culturally, demographically diverse teams. Third, have a broader spectrum and an open mindset.


Charasteristics that makes an Inclusive Leader stand different in the crowd 


  • Commitment

Be committed. Creating a diverse, inclusive workforce demands time and energy - a leader’s essential commodities. 

What still keeps you motivated? 

Your inner sense of responsibility. Commit to forming a better workforce. Be fair. Your values drive fairness. Your time devoted to investing in people to build an inclusive work atmosphere is your commitment as a truly inclusive leader. 


  • Courage

Be courageous. To be a successful inclusive leader, you have various challenges to overcome. It starts with overcoming the entrenched organizational attitudes. Next, possess the courage to display humility. Acknowledge their limitations. Embrace them as a part of your team. Do not forget, courage and humility go hand in hand. 


  • Unbiased Attitude 

You should not be biased. Inclusive leaders know that prenotions and biases narrow their thinking process. Being one, learn to identify your preferences. Then, figure out ways to prevent them from clouding your decision-making. Finally, implement policies to prevent biased organizational biases from stifling inclusion. 


  • Curiosity

Be curious. Curiosity is a hallmark of an inclusive leader. Be hungry to learn the perspectives of others as well. This minimizes your blind spots and improves your decision-making. Quench your thirst for curiosity by asking questions. Actively listen to others and keep your mind open to suggestions. 


  • Culturally Intelligent 

When you promote an inclusive atmosphere, be culturally intelligent. It is not just the bookish knowledge you gain. Have a deep understanding of their behavioral patterns, body language, facial expressions, and gestures. But, do not get carried away. While interacting with them, minutely demonstrate your cultural aspects, making them realize your strengthened roots and values. 


  • Collaborative Approach 

Understand the importance of collaboration. Inclusive leaders know that for successful collaborations, team members should also share their perspectives. Make each one’s contribution count. Keep your team united. Avoid subgrouping. Keep transparency. How you manage your team is the ultimate test of you as an Inclusive Leader. 


To know more about this refer to the below link: 

Inclusive leaders tend to share six signature traits that not only promote diversity on their teams but also improve their capacity to innovate and deal with uncertainty, according to a study of inclusive leaders from six locations worldwide, conducted by Deloitte Australia. Read More. 


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