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What is the Remedy for Impostor Syndrome?

  • 12th Jan'22

Impostor syndrome is a pervasive feeling of self-doubt in any individual at any phase of their life, sometimes more when they are successful. And by remedy I mean, changes in thoughts and behavior that can substitute this feeling with rational decisions. So, before we move on to generating positive thoughts, let’s understand what creates room for impostor syndrome and its influence.

Impostor syndrome is something that can make you seriously question your accomplishments, doubt your decisions, and push you to believe that your success is a result of sheer luck. It can keep coming to you consistently, at intervals, or intensify when your achievements supersede the opportunities. So how to stop that constant negative self-talk and how to find the remedy for impostor syndrome? 


Steps to Remedy Impostor Syndrome

The pattern of impostors was first recognized during the 1970s among high achieving women, but today about 70 percent of achievers relate to feelings of impostor syndrome. Here are some proactive ways to deal with impostor syndrome.


  • Understand Your Strengths

We all have strengths that help us proceed in life with tact and give us the success we deserve. Most of the time, we are clueless about them. And that makes us believe that we are a fraud and things are just falling in place. So, it is crucial to reflect on what qualities make you a better contributor to your team. It could be your communication skill, management skill, or technical skill. Magnify your strengths and focus on creating value through your work. When you excel, you will find yourself exuding more confidence than doubting your self-worth.


  • Polish Your Best Skills

Adding to the above point, build on your specific skills and hone them. Get involved in more projects and display your talent. The best remedy for impostor syndrome is utilizing your strengths. Upgrade your knowledge of the latest developments and constantly feed your thoughts with logic. The change from negative self-talk to self-belief will happen soon when you get committed to your purpose.


  • Speak How You Feel

It is not an embarrassment to open up your weak side to people who can assist you. Speak up about how you feel when you don’t fit in. Open up to a friend, colleague, or mentor so that they can assist you. Impostor syndrome is a real struggle, and talking about it will give you a new perspective and help foster better behavior to cope with it. Moreover, it will help the next person in your circle speak up if they encounter similar thoughts.


  • Own Your Mistakes But Revert Better

Impostor syndrome is not all negative; it often helps you reflect on your mistakes. So instead of constantly nudging yourself with the mistakes you make, learn to accept them and learn from them. Impostor syndrome can actually give you the feeling of clarity needed for you to emerge more successful than before if you pay heed to the root causes.


  • Stop Judging Yourself 

We all deal with some challenging issues; some brave themselves to speak about their problems while some stay quiet. If you have feelings of impostor syndrome, understand that you are not the only one dealing with it. You can find a remedy for impostor syndrome only when you accept it for what it is and learn to overcome it by separating feelings from facts. Comparison with others and judging yourself for your thoughts isn’t the right way to answer them. You can recognize the pattern and develop a healthy response to your feelings.


  • Assess Solutions

When you know your worth, you are on your way to overcoming impostor syndrome. So the next part will be to assess practical solutions to your thoughts. Suppose you are the only woman in your super achiever team of 10; you might constantly feel undeserving. In such a case, reason out and track your achievements, navigate to more work, and deliver a stellar performance each time. It will increase your team's value and counteract your feelings of impostor syndrome.


  • Give Yourself Credit

Learn to credit yourself for your achievements. It cannot be luck that pulls your thread of success every time you earn it. Begin with believing in your worth and taking risks; allow your confidence to build through knowledge and wisdom. Once you change how you think, you will see how positivity pulls you to do better, and you get success. 


  • Envision Success

Most achievers constantly visualize their success precisely the way they want. You will do whatever it takes to perform your best when you envision the path to success. And it is one of the most effective remedies for impostor syndrome. Actors, celebrities, and athletes practice this aspect to strengthen their self-belief rather than their insecurities. Have you tried to overcome impostor syndrome by believing in your abilities?


Sell Yourself

When you know your value and understand what your contributions mean to your team and company, you feel less of a failure. Practicing the above ways will ensure a remedy for impostor syndrome and make you more presentable and prepared to excel in life. When you value yourself, you can sell yourself and make people know you for what’s best about you. 

So, what steps are you taking to get rid of the impostor syndrome cycle?


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