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What is Mentoring Software?

  • 30th Jun'21

Everyone must be aware of the mentoring programs these days. But have you heard about mentoring software? Yes, there is one. Several organizations have been using mentoring software to drive their mentoring programs to boost their overall growth effectively. But what is mentoring software? How does it work? Well, let’s find out one by one.


Mentoring Software

Mentoring Software is a technology platform that the organization and management can use to facilitate various mentoring programs to guide people towards their goals, saving on human resources, team development, etc. Mentoring software adds value to the mentoring programs by taking away some of the challenges from the traditional mentoring method, such as tracking success and progress, communication management, time constraints, and matching biases.

For efficient mentorship, mentoring software uses the available data to permit the mentor and the mentee to communicate through its platform. Simultaneously, it allows for goal tracking and other relevant KPIs to increase the ROI.


How Does Mentoring Software Work?

When it comes to mentoring software, there are different types available. All the mentoring software is meant for serving other purposes. For example, some mentoring software focuses on the talented individuals present in the organization, and some outsource external mentors. However, in common, all the mentoring software can do the following:


  • Identify and match mentors and mentee
  • Process Clear Communication
  • Handle the signup process
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Track Progress
  • Report the success


Organization Benefit from Mentoring Software

The mentoring software is gaining popularity as every organization now understands the importance of mentoring. Companies understand how having a mentor guide their progress can minimize the risk involved in every decision taken. Besides, it helps their employees focus better in their roles. The only possible downside, as explained above, of mentoring was the constraints and potential biases involved in it. Mentoring software takes care of it effectively, as described in this article. Also, coaching and mentoring are different so don't get confused between the two.


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