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What Benefits Can Employer Branding Provide For a Company?

  • 15th Aug'22

Your employer brand is the persona that the general public and your workers use to judge your company's values, objectives, and working cultures. The employer brand of a firm may take various forms. Still, today it is primarily visible through employee social media activity, public involvement in current affairs, support for programs like volunteering, and, of course, the sector that your business is trying to improve.

Why does Employer Branding matter?

In 2022, the goal of working with an organization has evolved from being on the job all the time to having a work-life integration. When assessing benefits and procedures like the availability of flexible work, career mapping, and volunteer opportunities, job seekers are more selective. Since work and life are now more connected than ever, you must show that you support your workers in balancing these aspects as it suits them.

According to studies, millennials now more than ever place high importance on working for an organization that shares their beliefs. They are focusing on these things -

Does the business have a paid time off for volunteering policy? 
Does the company allow parents to bring their kids to work? 
Do you provide an education stipend or sponsor learning and development sessions? 

If you will not promote the values of your workplace on different platforms then how do you attract the right talent? Potential employees need to know what it is like to work with you from 9 to 5.

The employer branding process


1. Get familiar with your company

Learn about the essential purpose, vision, mission, values, and culture of your organization. Recognize the goals of your business and the kind of talent required to achieve those goals.


2. Analyze your employer's brand

You probably already know exactly where your product or service ranks in the market, but you might not be as aware of how the public or your present workers feel about your business. Perform internal and external research using applicant questionnaires, internet and social media searches, and/or companies that monitor reputations.


3. Define an employer value proposition

Create an employer value proposition (EVP) that expresses your business brand's beliefs straightforwardly while also highlighting the unique benefits of working for your company. It should complement your customers' brands while also directly addressing your staff.


4. Put recruitment marketing to use

Recruitment marketing's primary objective is to encourage people to apply for the vacant positions your organization is currently hiring for. If you want to attract the best talent then ask these questions to yourself - “who are we reaching out to?” and “what exactly do they want?”


5. Boost current workers' involvement

Without the current employee’s participation, your employer's brand has no significant value. Here are a few ways to get your workers more engaged with your employer's brand:

1.Keep your company’s vision and mission simple. Make sure it is clear, informative, and unique.
2.Encourage your employees to update their social profiles to make them look respectable and their profiles attention-worthy.
3.Ask them to submit (honest, but ideally positive) evaluations of your business on job-listing websites, share employment possibilities with their personal networks when they become available, and post corporate news and updates. 
4.Offer management and leadership training, specialized certifications, and many opportunities for professional progression.

6. Create eye-catching job descriptions

When crafting job descriptions, focus on how you would like your employer's brand to be presented publicly. Focus on the words relevant to the specific job description, be a bit more descriptive, highlight the points that bug your employee often, and then connect that to your company’s open position. Challenge them but also assure them that you are firmly standing with them in the whole interview process.

7. Employer branding using LinkedIn

The best place to find and interact with potential applicants is on LinkedIn. Nearly 90% of LinkedIn users claim to be open to and interested in new employment opportunities.  If you want to grow your company’s virtual presence, encourage your employees to interact with the company's posts. When your employees like, comment, and share the company’s posts, those posts start reaching to a significant number of people. If you have been a consistent user of LinkedIn, then you know how the LinkedIn algorithm works, your business will be transformed relatively quickly the more comments people leave on your postings.

As the employees join the conversations, this in turn creates a buzz online. In a survey, it was revealed that 59% of the candidates visit the company profile after they have seen the job poster. 

I have been active on LinkedIn for a long time now and I have observed one crucial point. You can easily leverage LinkedIn for growing the employer brand due to the presence of diverse industries and the trust factor.


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