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What Are the Unique Traits Of a Self-Confident Person?

  • 15th Nov'22

The definition of self-confidence goes beyond how you see yourself in public. It includes your perception, how you see the world, how you interact with people, and even how you handle adverse circumstances. Put another way, having self-confidence involves remaining upbeat in all aspects of life, even when things appear to be going downhill.

Ever wondered how confident people achieve such a mindset in life? How do they handle the harsh environment and still stick to their principles? Today Let’s go through the 6 traits of self-confidence and understand how you can implement those traits. 


They don't stress over things outside their control

One of the best qualities of self confident person is they always stand up for what they believe to be correct and try to make the best of any circumstance. self confident people are also aware of the fact that some situations are beyond their control.

I believe it’s their faith in themselves that helps them see beyond the everyday challenges. But does it happen overnight? No, it takes many disappointments, unsatisfactory outcomes, and the most minor cooperation from trusted contacts. They practice it daily mainly through two methods - 

  • They make sure goal-oriented persons surround them

  • They don’t waste their time on non-productive thinking


They do not fear requesting assistance

People who are confident in themselves are aware of who they are and accept that no one is perfect. They know they are not the best or foremost authority on every topic. They realize there is no shame in asking for assistance because they know this. Instead, many think that asking for assistance is a sign of strength.

Confident people ask for help when needed since doing so is a terrific way to gain knowledge and a fresh perspective on a situation or job. If you are also struggling with asking for help, then the best thing would be to have a conversation with or work with people who are confident in their work. Trust me; you will feel a good change in yourself.


They are decisive

A few weeks back, I was working with a client. Everything was going well. One day there was an acute crisis, and suddenly my client was in a dilemma, as he had to make essential decisions simultaneously. The problem was that there was still some thinking to do, but time was limited. A significant deal would slip out of his hands if he didn't do something. So we sat down, he focused on the priorities, delegated the rest of them to his team and took the decisions. He negotiated with a calm and strategic method and that day, he saved himself and the deal. 

We all make decisions; some have an excellent outcome, and some are just disasters. Taking decisions in times of crisis, on the other hand, is one of the best qualities of a confident person. Confident people always focus on what needs to be done and avoid overthinking.


They are assertive

Hang on! Before you think that this is arrogance, then stop there. Let’s make this absolutely clear, arrogance is someone talking and taking decisions only thinking about herself. Confident people are always misinterpreted as arrogant and selfish. Do you know why? These persons express their thoughts and needs without sugarcoating. Afocurse they make sure not to overstep the line. But they express their feelings, and their discomfort upfront. 

They know if they want people to understand them, they need to communicate it directly so there is no misunderstanding.


They acknowledge when they've erred

Yesterday I was going through a social media post, and I saw something interesting. Someone posted a video explaining a point about networking and community building. A viewer pointed out that he had made a mistake in the video. The person who posted that video accepted his error and posted a separate post. People appreciated his gesture because he accepted that he had made a mistake. I have often heard corporate world that it’s not wise to accept your mistakes otherwise you will be mistreated. That is a misinterpretation. 

It is the wrong mindset that separates you from the confident person. When these people acknowledge their mistake, they don’t do it for the sake of showing off, on the contrary, they observe, analyse the mistake and make sure that it is not repeated.


 They don’t quit easily

When faced with rejection and failure, self-assured people continue rather than doubting themselves and giving in to opposing ideas. Is it easy to achieve this state? NO, and tell me, what is easy in this world? Only a few things. It is the ability of a self confident person that make impossible things doable. I have seen such people in my life, when faced with rejections or failures, they take a pause, rest for a while, focus on the thing that brings them peace but never visit the opposing thinking lane. After they have given thier mind a proper rest, they resume the work with a fresh perspective.

How can you become confident?

As I mentioned in the blog, communicate with confident people in your network. Have a one-on-one session with them, ask them if they are working on a project and if you can assist them. When you work closely with them, you will come to know how you can build that confidence in yourself and your life.


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