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Ways to Manage Your Boss

  • 30th Jun'21

Everything in life needs managing. Managing your schedule ensures doing a lot of stuff in less time; Managing your responsibilities ensures an impact through effectiveness. Managing people makes your work smooth and takes you closer to your goals. When we say manage your boss, it is not a dominance we seek; it only means finding better ways to cultivate the relationship with your boss to trust and interdependent.

Work takes a longer part of our day, and it is crucial, if not mandatory, to be good to people with who you spend most of your time. The right approach to your boss and excellent people management skills will lead you to the upper trajectory in your career. Here are some tips on how to manage your boss and make a more significant impact.


Manage Your Boss


Take Time to Understand your Boss.

Try to assess what drives your boss, his goals, and his motivations. Walk in his shoes if you must understand his perspective and his working methods. Getting to know what your boss is like outside his job will bring you closer to him and work as the first step to getting to know him better.


Build Trust and Respect

It is not easy to build trust and respect in one go. It takes time and effort. Have an excellent relationship with your boss. As you treat your boss with respect he deserves and compliments his strategies through your work, in no time will you be your boss's favorite.


Clean Up your work

It means finishing up your responsibilities in a proactive manner. You should be interested in your firm's business and the projects allotted to you. Make sure you take the initiative and be visible to your boss through your efforts and intelligent habits.


Show your Boss's Positive Side.

To win your boss, you must accept him for what he is. Understand his work style and meet deadlines. When you represent your boss, put in efforts to make him look good. Your work will mirror his mentorship, but word of mouth, too, plays a part. As you do that, you ultimately nurture the relationship with your boss and even deal with a difficult boss.


Take Control of Situations.

There are many work situations where plans go haywire and lead to tensions. Stay calm in such cases when you feel everyone gets tempered or chaotic around you. The moment you take charge of a situation or calm people, you become the go-to person. It becomes easier to manage your boss, other managers, and superintendents.


Own your Work

When things go wrong or the project fails, do not be a participant in the blame game. Take responsibility for your shoulder and live up to more than what your responsibility demands. This behavior is the way to make people like your honesty in work and makes life easier for your boss.


Be Respectful but Have your Space

Build your boundaries. No one should feel you are readily available for any piece of work at all the time. Be respectful to people when they assist you or ask for assistance. Give your best to complete your priorities well before time and if you have extra time, extend a hand to those who need help.

Set up your boundaries early on to let your boss and other people know of your commitments.


Maintain a Work Log

To build a relationship with your boss, you must first communicate. Effective communication is a vital soft skill that very few employees possess. Track your work and keep your boss updated about your work progress. Never let him get back to you with doubt over your work. Share your plan for the day with your boss in the morning if he is okay with it. This data will give him an idea about your diligence and commitment towards him and the firm.


Take Up an Additional Charge

Ensure that you give in more than expected. When you take up additional small work, maybe something extra off your boss's boss's worklist or even something to help a team member, it increases the respect they have for you. It also implies that when you need them or you are time-crunched with too much work, your boss will step in to rescue you.

Everyone deserves appreciation at the end of the day, be it you, your colleagues, or your boss. The easiest way to manage your boss is by being his friend, making him feel he belonged, and appreciating his efforts. You never know how far a little appreciation can go and how many doors it can open for you. 


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