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Ways to Manage Up at the Office

  • 20th Sep'21

The term managing has a social relevance everywhere, more so even in the workspace. It’s a great skill that nurtures our relationship with our teams and bosses. Today, we understand the significance of cultural intelligence, i.e., the art of working with people different from us in ethnicity, mindset, and other aspects. Just knowing how to perform excellently in work may not be sufficient anymore. We need to learn how to manage up at the office to make it easier for everyone in the work ecosystem. 


Why Manage?

Do you not love to have a boss who understands you? 

We feel comfortable around people who get us and our ways of work. Similarly, when you strive to become someone others can rely on, you create a healthy work atmosphere. So what are the other reasons for managing up at the office?


1. Accomplish Goals Sooner

When you are clear about your mission and build a healthy rapport with your boss, you reach your goals sooner. Also focus on training new managers.


2. Better Prospects

Good acts never go unheard. When people hear about your ways of working with your team, they seek you out for their respective projects. It takes your career on an upward trajectory. Additionally, it also makes your boss listen to you.


3. Builds Network

Your work technique attracts people, and sometimes they like taking your advice. It helps in building a great network of peers and seniors.


How to Manage Up


1. Know Your Boss In and Out

This involves observing your boss’s personality, schedule, priorities, and ways of delivering results. What motivates him or her? When you manage your boss well, you can make life easier for both of you as well as the firm.


2. Know Your Strengths

Do a self SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threat) analysis and find out how easy you make it for people to work with you. You will know what you need to fix and what strengths to build on.


3. Effective Interaction and Documentation

It is one thing to do your job well but another to prove it. Support your work and actions through documentation. Learn to communicate even when there is a difference of opinion. It helps build an excellent relationship with your boss and others.


The Long Term Success

Learn to own your mistakes and channel your energy in bringing effective solutions. The tone you set creates your personality. Always work out solutions to your problems before you approach your boss. It gives them the notion of your commitment to your work. When you imprint the company’s objectives in your mind and acknowledge that your boss is just working through their share of responsibilities, you will find a better motivation to work together as a team. And when you take this way to manage up at the office, you ensure long-term success.


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