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5 Ways To Be A Better Mentor and Get A Return On Your Investment

  • 28th Jun'21

A strong mentorship program is no longer only a nice-to-have. Mentees are promoted five times more frequently than non-mentored employees, according to statistics. Mentors also experience a return on investment since they are six times more likely to advance in their careers. 


Ideas to help improve mentoring abilities 

These five ideas will help you improve your mentoring abilities while also creating positive change in your career:


Accept the hybrid model

According to a PwC poll of almost 700 CEOs, 78% say remote collaboration is here to stay. To put it another way, parts of this year's virtual mentorships may be permanently embedded in future programs. And that’s not a bad thing. So, Accept it!


Welcome “Reverse Mentorship” 

Mentorship is a two-way street. Mentors give valuable insight and expertise, but young mentees can also contribute. Mentees typically have distinct viewpoints as newbies to the company, which may disrupt groupthink and expose you to new ideas that can benefit the organization as a whole. Revere mentorship helps people to learn by reversing the power dynamic.


Build skills for a post-pandemic workplace 

The epidemic is transforming the skills required to succeed in the workplace. Mentorship programs must ensure that the next generation of leaders (and the company as a whole) are prepared to succeed in a virtual environment. As a mentor, you should determine which talents your company requires the most and work with your mentee to develop those skills.


Prioritize Black and Brown talent

Mentoring programs that increased minority representation in management from 9% to 24% illustrate the value of prioritizing Black and Brown mentees. Dr. Art Langer is the creator of Workforce Opportunity Services, a non-profit that recruits, educates, and trains a diverse group of high-potential employees to find long-term jobs. “Hiring minority talent is important,” he adds, “but keeping these workers who will surely enhance their organization is considerably more likely when they are mentored.”


Elevate your focus on social capital

Developing your mentee's social capital is one of the most important things you can do as a mentor. In an increasingly competitive employment environment, this will help them advance their careers.


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