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Ways Introverts Can Make Their Personal Brand Shine

  • 30th Jun'22

Extroverts thrive on activity and constant interaction with other people. Introverts, however, tend to quickly tire of the hustle and bustle, preferring to work alone or with a small group of trusted peers. While the extroverts of the world are getting the attention, the introverts are behind the scenes  –  in many ways the brains of the operation.

As self-described introverts, our tasks can seem like big hurdles on the way to success. But there are ways for introverts to get their names out there and create strong relationships within their network. Here I’m sharing some valuable ways to make your personal brand shine.


Use Your Voice Properly

Your voice doesn’t have to be the loudest in the room to be the most valuable voice in the room. Think about that for a moment. You don’t have to compete with extroverts on their same level of energy to be recognized for your value. Instead, you must do the following:

Become a researcher and act like a detective. When problem-solving, be proactive about gathering useful data, hard-to-find facts, and supporting resources that brand you as the “information source.” Be a good listener as an introvert, your strengths lie in taking in what you’re seeing and hearing, interpreting your perspective, and applying it to help others uncover what may have been missed in the discussion.

Be the second opinion, devil’s advocate, and counter-offer to any resolution. Understanding your voice has an impact when you can help others to see blind spots and hazards in their decision-making. When you present a different way to look at things, you can powerfully reorient people’s thinking to find a broader perspective and yield a better result.


Ask Questions

Come to every meeting prepared to ask the insightful questions that will spark the discussion. The questions you ask will demonstrate your understanding of the topic or situation and will drive the conversation deeper  –  helping you to get noticed. More importantly, ask the right questions.


Stay Organized

It’s a good idea to let your coworkers know that though your voice may be soft, you have big points to make. Be intentional to let others know what you’re listening for so they understand your silence. Then, announce your points to project the value you are contributing.

One thing you can do is announce your point and then connect it to its value, making an impact on the room. Let your critical thinking and analytical approach to problem-solving guide you as you share what solutions you’ve come up with.


Build an Email List

When you’ve had a meeting in which you weren’t very vocal, summarize what was said and send out an email to all those who were in attendance, as well as anyone else who may need the information. Your summary can be your voice, and it can be a powerful one. Think about it. The extroverts are the ones doing all the talking. Moreover, it’s unlikely that they’re taking many notes. As an introvert, that’s your time to shine! As your summary is shared, your reputation will grow as a valued member of the team with important elements to add.


Make Yourself Known

As you begin to put these strategies into practice, you’ll be building a strong brand for yourself. You’ll be known for having a voice that adds more than just noise to a discussion. Instead, people will think of the insight and depth you offer to discussions, which is a benefit to everyone on the team. Be the go-to person for asking the right questions and summing up the important details of your meetings.


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