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Want A Career Boost? Learn to Manage Your Boss!

  • 25th Sep'21

We often assume that going up the corporate ladder takes a lot of hard work and management skills. But from the perspective of your goals and ambitions, is it enough?


I say this because many millennials are superbly executing their responsibilities and are great innovators but fail to reach the highest point in their careers for just one mistake. 

They are not able to manage their bosses!

So, if you want a career boost, learn the tips in this article to manage your boss. But first, understand the need.


Why Manage Your Boss?

If you are self-employed or a CEO, no one cares about how you go up the success ladder. But as long as you are an employee, your boss is the ultimate key to realizing your dreams! So learn to manage your boss because:


Your Boss Sets your Priorities/Projects

They set your weekly, monthly, yearly goals, and you report directly to them. Your boss/mentor is the one who guides you through your career and ensures your learning curve is going up.


Your Boss Decides your Promotion

Your boss does the performance evaluation and decides if you qualify for a promotion or not. They act as the intermediary between you and your goals. Moreover, they ensure you meet all your objectives and align those with the mission of the firm. A good boss brings your best version in you. 


Tips to Strengthen the Relationship with your Boss

Make an Impression

Our career means a lot to us, so do our personal lives. Talk to your boss about their life, their hobbies, and their aspirations. Be genuine in your approach. Making small talk is a great way to build trust and create a lasting impression. There are good things you can learn from a bad boss too.


Mutual Respect

If you believe you deserve your boss’s respect, time and attention, be a giver first. Inspire them in ways you can and listen to them speak. When things are light, bring your humor to play its part.


Realize They Have a Career Too

To excel in your career, understand that your boss has their goals too. The best way to deal with a difficult boss is to appreciate them and push them to achieve their dreams. There is nothing more satisfying than being a close confidant at work to make life easier for your boss

Long story short, effective communication, understanding expectations, and constructive feedback are great ways to manage your boss while ensuring an excellent career boost for yourself. 


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