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Virtual Team Building Activities to Help You Build A Strong Team

  • 29th May'23

The advent of technological progress has allowed numerous businesses to offer their employees the option to work from home, and by establishing and maintaining stable relationships with colleagues, one can potentially increase productivity and improve mental well-being. In a remote work environment, maintaining team morale can also be achieved through electronic communication with coworkers. In this post, I will go over some online team-building exercises that will help you strengthen inter-team relationships.


Why prioritize team building?

To establish a company, team building is crucial. Your employees must be seen as more than just resources for your financial well-being.Motivate your employees, build a healthy workplace culture and a devoted team of workers that are ready to support you for years to come. 

As a business owner, investing in team building is particularly vital. You undoubtedly spend a lot of time thinking about how to increase efficiency and produce high-quality work if you have a team of employees. Building corporate culture and encouraging healthy work-life integration among your team members are equally crucial, though. 

What are the 6 steps to make a strong virtual team?

These are a few things remote workers can do to stay connected:

1. Remote coffee chats

You might not have the freedom to personally meet up with your staff for coffee if your company employs remote workers. The best thing about the internet is how simple it is to arrange virtual coffee dates. Just get a coffee and arrange a time to talk!

You may want to think about holding a virtual coffee gathering every Monday before everyone starts working. Making it more about team building and less about business and work is the goal here. There is nothing wrong with encouraging camaraderie among your staff.


2. Schedule regular in-person gatherings

Consider holding a face-to-face meeting with staff once a quarter. Company retreats are one of the best methods to spend face-to-face time with your staff, which is crucial. There needs to be a fair balance between work and play. Try to concentrate on building relationships with each person who is assisting you in your business. Show your appreciation for them by planning plenty of team-building activities, cross-training opportunities for staff, enjoyable outings, and, of course, some downtime for everyone to unwind.


3. Host a virtual happy hour

A virtual happy hour is a popular practice in remote work settings worldwide, where everyone can unwind and relax with some online games or activities. It's a great way to show your sense of humor and connect with your personnel beyond work-related purposes as an employer of remote workers.


4. Establish a fitness club

To maintain both your physical and emotional health while working from home, it is essential to schedule regular exercise time. Consider working out with your coworkers as well, discussing your at-home workout plans, and exercising together over the internet. This not only ensures that you stay healthy but also promotes team bonding and a sense of camaraderie. Consider arranging a virtual exercise activity such as introductory yoga led by an employee with relevant experience, by setting up a webinar-style video call.


5. Games night

You and your friends can play a variety of activities both physically and virtually. If you live in the same city, get together for some beverages and board games. You can play games online with others if you're apart. If your employees aren't interested in games, you can host online viewing parties for movies or TV episodes.

Consider what you would often do while camping without access to board games, cards, or other comparable goods if you are unsure how to play games online. It is still quite simple to play a game like charades while using Zoom, Skype, or an online video conference.


6. Unleash the creative side of your team

As part of the DIY craft challenge, you can assign each team member 30 minutes to create something using supplies they already have at home. To establish the ground rules, you can suggest ideas such as "build something out of cutlery," "doodle a poem," or "sketch notes from a TED Talk."

It's important to keep the assignment simple and accessible for everyone, even those who aren't naturally artistic. To help them get started, you could offer tutorial videos or other resources.

It takes a lot of work to develop a cohesive team, but it doesn't have to be a chore. These virtual team-building strategies might help you increase engagement and productivity right away.

You may have noticed that the majority of the activities we've included are adaptable. You must pick a format that works well with all your team to ensure their comfortable participation.


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