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9 Unique Tactics To Impress Your Boss While Working Remotely

  • 24th Jun'21

With the onset of the pandemic wave in 2019, most corporate realized that location is irrelevant for jobs in the era of the high-tech world. Work from home became the norm, and employees luckily could exchange hard work for flexibility and convenience and learn to manage a virtual boss.

You may get to juggle between chores and work. You may not feel the right kind of office environment at home, but the joy is incomparable. You are there for your family; there is the better option of time management as you don't have to commute; you can chill and watch your favorite shows when the work pressure is less, or you can multitask. In this situation, you must get innovative in making the opportunity of work from home a way to be effective and valuable for your company.


Here are few tips to Impress Your Boss while Working Remotely:


Be On-Time

Flexibility is a blessing and not an excuse. Your boss must see the consistency of your work timing so that he can lean on you at those specific hours. 



You must reach out to your boss regularly and discuss the project you are assigned. Use simple ways to manage your boss.


Dress Apt

Virtual meetings are way too common in work-from-home settings. When you are a part of those, make sure to wear your best professional attire and look decent.


Show up Early

Join the virtual meetings a bit before the schedule and talk about other stuff. If possible, manage your boss's calender. It shows your boss your interest in him and your work peers.



Track your daily work and report it to him to give him the idea of your passion for your work goals. By managing your boss, you can boost your career.


Meet Targets

You should give your best work within the time allotted and gain your boss's trust.



Bring the fun factor to the meetings or pitch an idea of a fun game meet-up. It helps distress your colleagues, and you become your boss's favorite for being the initiator.


Stay Updated

Learn the software updates and send a weekly mail to your boss with the same.


Bear the Torch

Be proactive and pitch-in new ideas on cost-cutting, efficient working, etc.

Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking! – Henry Ford


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