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Types of Negotiation in Corporates

  • 21st Jun'21

Negotiation simply refers to a strategic conversation that aims to settle agreeably to all parties.

In businesses we use, different forms of negotiation to maximize output and improve employee relations.


Types of Negotiation in Corporates

Negotiations are a vital part of conducting businesses or working in a corporate culture. You have to effectively negotiate and  solve your problems. Let’s learn the various types of negotiations that take place incorporates. 


  • Day-to-Day Workplace Negotiation

When you’re working in a workplace, we tend to negotiate daily. Although it’s not on a larger scale, it ensures the smooth functioning of the work. To give you an example, when you negotiate a working timeline with your superior. to have a successful day-to-day negtiation, you need to master the art of negotiating. 


  • Employee-Superior Negotiation

There are always negotiations going on between a superior and an employee as it should. Employees generally have to negotiate with their leaders to ensure them to allot work of their interests. Do not accept work that is not your specialization. Don’t accept work that you are uncomfortable with just because your boss asked you to do so.

Suppose you are hired to handle the company’s finances, but instead, your boss asks you to help the sales team. This doesn’t resonate with your interests and skills. You need to communicate and negotiate this aspect with your superior to receive the responsibilities of your forte. It is always best to negotiate at the beginning itself before accepting the offer regarding job responsibilities, salary, etc., to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the future. Therefore, there are equal benefits of employees learning negotiation skills


  • Negotiations between Colleagues

Negotiations between colleagues are often ongoing. It can be regarding work allotment between the team members. Colleagues also negotiate about who will handle the work if a person is on leave and how it will be settled. Moreover, to avoid disagreements and clashes, team members must negotiate.


  • Commercial Negotiation

In most cases, commercial negotiations are done in the form of a contract. Two parties come together, negotiate their issues, and conclude in a way agreeable for all. Both parties must obey the agreement.


  • Legal Negotiation

Here, the negotiation happens between an individual and a legal system. The legal system lays down the rules and regulations after considering the needs and interests of an individual, which he/she must abide by.


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