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Top 10 Mentorship Platforms That Youth Can Connect Easily

  • 24th Jan'22

If you’re worried about how to find a mentor during this pandemic, then you’ve come to the right place. This pandemic can’t stop you from learning, as you can find so many great online mentoring platforms. In fact, you can connect with your mentor and interact online. So, just sit back and relax. We will be sharing all the popular online mentoring platforms to help you out.

Nowadays, it’s a risk to hold one-on-one mentoring sessions. And students are restricted from having ham contact in universities or other mentoring programs. At the same time, online or distance mentoring platforms can help you to have face-to-face mentoring. Let’s discover the Top 10 Mentoring Platforms and help you take advantage of the best courses online.


Types Of Online Mentoring Platform

There are various types of mentorship offered in online mentoring platforms, which will be discussed here. Keep reading to find what type of online mentoring platform will suit your needs.

  • Startup and Growth Mentoring Platforms

  • Design Mentoring Platforms 

  • Career Mentoring Platform

  • Tech Mentoring Platforms


Startup And Growth Mentoring Platforms


OpenGrowth Academy 

OpenGrowth Academy is a next-gen platform to learn entrepreneurship skills from distinguished mentors. They aim at helping entrepreneurs transform their ideas into full-fledged ventures by polishing their skill-sets.

Key Facts:

  • Free to join 

  • Workshop events led by industry leaders 

  • A global community with mentors from all around the world

  • Collaboration tool for trainees to interact with the peer group


Growth Mentor Mentoring Platform

The Growth Mentor allows startup founders and marketers to communicate better. It allows one-to-one conversations with mentors to discuss growth and marketing. You can also discuss with leaders of the startup world.‍

Key Facts:

  • Focuses on Startup Growth and Marketing

  • Subscription-based on monthly charges


Mentorpass Mentoring Platform

Mentorpass is also known as the Classpass for mentorship. This mentorship platform can help founders to build and scale up their businesses by connecting them with leaders in the startup world.

Key Facts:

  • Tailored especially for startup founders who need an advisor

  • Classpass-like subscription model starts with 30 monthly booking credits.


Clarity.fm Mentoring Platform

Clarity.fm helps entrepreneurs make faster and better decisions that help grow their business. You can connect easily with business advisors and entrepreneurs online.

Key Facts:

  • You can request a callback. The charges will be based on the expert’s advice per minute rate

  • You can also connect directly with mentors online via the contact details provided.


Designlab Mentoring Platform

Designlab is the best online mentoring platform for UX designers. You also have opportunities to improve on specific UI/UX skills with their specially designed 4-weeks courses. 

Key facts:

  • Provides challenging curriculums for their students to excel in goals.

  • You can also get advice from top designers through one-on-one mentoring sessions.

  • And you can collaborate with design students around the world.


UX.Coffee.Hours Mentoring Platform

UX.Coffee.Hours provides virtual coffee conversations for free to their subscribers. You can have conversations with aspiring UX designers and experienced UX professionals online. The initiative is to support designers to get professional solutions and advice from successful UX designers.

Key facts:

  • A volunteer-driven platform.

  • Mentors will get 60-day rolling availability.

  • Also, new slots will be released every week.


RookieUp Mentoring Platform

Rookie up helps you to find mentor-led design programs. This will help you to enhance your skills online. The complete program is designed to help students learn the design process and find career options. 

Also, students will learn how to build new portfolios and improve existing portfolios. All these resources will help students to establish themselves and launch their careers.

Key Facts: 

  • Pricing starts on a monthly basis.

  • You can get a personalized project-based experience.

  • Interact with student and recruitment advisors.

Career Mentoring Platform


The Muse Career Mentoring Platform

The Muse is the best career mentoring platform that helps you to build current or future careers. You can choose from various coaching services available online that match your needs.

Key facts:

  • Top 4 services in Muse: Resume review,  30-minute career Q&A,  Job search strategy, and resume + LinkedIn Review 

  • The coaching fees are different between a Mentor, Coach, and Master Coach. 

  • You can click on each service to find the respective coaching fees.


Tech Mentoring Platforms


Mentorcruise Mentoring Platform

Mentorcruise is one of the industry-leading mentoring platforms. This offers advice from the best tech experts for students to have a 1-on-1 conversation. You can interact easily via the Mentorcruise chat platform. Also, this platform's main focus is on a long-term mentorship program. It will also provide a one-time casual mentorship session for students. 

Key facts:

  • Mentor subscriptions prices are given on a monthly basis 

  • 7 days trial is available for free

  • You will avail money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their program. 


Codementor Mentoring Platform

Codementor allows students to connect with their mentors online. Also, businesses can hire a software freelancer to assist their projects here. 

Key facts:

  • You can find so much technical assistance on their site.

  • They have a strict application and vetting process to ensure that you get the best support.


Benefits Of Online Mentoring Platforms


Get Exposure In Your Field 

If you are a university student or graduate who is about to launch a career. You will be searching for a mentoring platform to get complete knowledge in your desired field. At the same time, online mentoring platforms can help you to learn more than textbooks. 

This will give you practical knowledge of the theories. You get advice and opportunities to interact with industry experts with years of experience here. 


Shapes Diversity

Mentoring platforms can help you to expand your connections in the industry. Diversity will help you create many opportunities, build networks, and gain good knowledge and skills. So, don’t limit expectations, aim high and reach your goals. Sky is the only limit!


Boost Confidence

If you’re really interested to learn something new but don’t have the confidence in it. Then, mentoring platforms will boost your confidence and help you achieve goals. You can interact with leading business leaders and gain knowledge from their experience.


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