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7 Tips to Get Invited To a Board of Directors

  • 31st May'22

You may have heard how a board position can benefit your career. As a result, you harbor a dream of serving as a board of directors. Also, you can work as a board member for a nonprofit organization or public and private corporations. They can provide opportunities for professional growth and even help you develop your personal brand. However, finding a board position can require a lot of conditions that individuals have to meet. So, while many want to serve as board members, only a few can get there. 

Now, you must sincerely ask yourself this - "Do I want to get appointed as a board member?" If your answer is a yes, understand that you are up for a challenging hill to climb. Afterall, despite tremendous experience and knowledge, people fail to get appointed as board members from time to time. There, I compiled a list of 7 tips. With these tips, you can prepare yourself aptly to get appointed as a board member.


7 Tips to Get Invited to a Board of Directors


Create a Comprehensive Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Always start from the beginning, i.e., have a curriculum vitae or resume. A quality resume or CV can position you better for the board of directors appointment. It would be best if you made a comprehensive resume, and it should illustrate why you are best suited for the board. Also, customize your resume specifically for the board position of each company and check your resume for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting it.


Identify Your Board Type

Different boards have different goals and missions to pursue and accomplish for an organization. Based on it, board responsibilities can vary from board to board and company to company. Therefore, the most important thing for you is to find out what you can offer as a board member. Look into your resume or CV and figure out your abilities. Finally, decide the type of board you want to be in and serve. 

One of the ways to simplify your board type is to see if the board's vision aligns with your career dreams. Can it meet your personal goals and interests? Also, you must know that there are private boards, public boards, and nonprofit boards. They all work in their own ways and require a unique set of criteria to fit as a board member. Identify where you do.


Practice and Nail Your Interview

Remember, "First impressions are the last impression" because it matters. The second impression remains dependent on your blessing and good fortune. So ensure you reach on time for your board interview. Furthermore, dress professionally, and be polite to everyone you meet. Also, remember that board members are intentionally diverse on any board. Therefore, try to highlight your experiences or skills that can set you apart from other board members and the candidates.

Let them know-how with your skills; the organization can benefit further. Could you do your best to convince them? One of the ways you can nail your interview to the tee is through practice. Practice your interview enough times to bring that confidence to the actual interview. You can always look through the internet and try the best methods to prepare for the interview.


Research About Board Members

One of the fundamental lessons anyone can learn in their early days is that the time spent researching things of interest never gets wasted, even when getting yourself appointed. The time you spend researching the opening board and profile of the company and its existing board will surely bring you benefits. Also, what better way to help you learn some essential details about the board than networking.


Network With Other Board Members

Networking is key to getting elected as a board member. Many organizations are known to host events and make them open to the public. Now, you must look at it as an unlimited opportunity. Join the possibilities and get along with the board members present there. Also, show confidence and passion when speaking to new people. They must notice that you are not here to play but mean business. These events allow you to meet multiple board members from various industries. So, make sure you get noticed.


Get Appointments

Once you've made your connections through networking, try to get appointments to be a board member. Showcase yourself why you deserve an appointment. You present yourself as someone that directors can imagine and like to work to do so. Talk about areas like your business experience, how you can benefit shareholders, and your ideas. How can you increase profitability? However, do not come across as arrogant or overconfident while doing so. Be respectful, confident, understanding, and eloquent.


Select The Company Type

Once you have prepared your resume and identified the board type you want to be on, it is time to choose the right company. Networking also helps gain awareness and knowledge of different companies and organizations. To work for the right company is critical as you must want companies where you are valued. Also, add value to it with your knowledge and perspective.

Most boards have members that offer a wide range of strengths. Therefore, you may want to provide a unique advantage through your skill sets.


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