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Tips to Ace Online Negotiations

  • 13th Jul'21

The current pandemic has effectively affected the ways of work. Nowadays, in-person meetings and conferences are conducted through online sites such as Google Meet and Zoom meetings. Perhaps the most affected part in the new ways of work, if that's what we call it, is the effectiveness of negotiation techniques. The body language or the casual contact that often played a crucial role in the negotiation deal is no longer available in virtual or online negotiations. All you can see is either a head or a torso moving left and right.


With that in mind, here is a compiled quick list of Tips to Ace Online Negotiations.


Start with Small Talk

Always try to start the meeting with some non-negotiation relevant talks. You can consider this as a warm up session before the negotiation begins to take place. The best way about this is to talk about the picture or a piece of furniture seen in your client's background.


Take Care of Your Presentation

You must know that everything the client can see in you and your background will effectively play a part in negotiating a business deal. Therefore, you must pay attention to every detail from the ground to the lightning in your room to ensure they add up to your negotiation and not push it down.


Maintain Eye Contact

Whether it is in-person or an online negotiation, the power of eye contact remains unaffected. Eye contact reflects the conviction of every word that you speak and helps you develop trust with the client to make the breakthrough.


Avoid Multitasking

Part of the negotiation technique is to treat it with complete importance unless you can be okay to lose the deal. Hence, advisably you must avoid multitasking at any cost while you are negotiating a deal. This includes sending emails or even checking messages for a successful negotiation.


You can learn more about the tips to ace online negotiations here.


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