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The Value of Mentorship

  • 29th Jun'21

A mentor can assist entrepreneurs in navigating many of the obstacles that social entrepreneurs encounter. 

A mentor is a business practitioner with the knowledge and experience to give customized assistance, sound business advice, and encouragement to budding entrepreneurs as they develop their own skills and perspectives. The value of mentorship comes from the fact that mentors have "been there and done that," allowing you to learn from their failures and achievements.


The role of a mentor is to

  • Assist in the development of self-sufficiency and leadership abilities
  • As you establish and build your business, help you in discovering your own perspectives, skills, and answers
  • Help you in reaching your findings and judgments through self-directed learning
  • Pay attention to your suggestions and provide honest answers to your queries
  • Support you emotionally while simultaneously challenging you 
  • When requested/appropriate, offer practical business advice
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones

Although being handed the "solutions" might make life simpler, that isn't the primary sort of assistance a mentor gives. Instead, your mentor will assist you to learn how to solve issues and make decisions by empowering you and providing opportunities for you to do so.


Why is Mentorship So Important?

Mentors are crucial to the success of any social entrepreneurship venture. They can assist you in navigating many of the obstacles that social entrepreneurs encounter, such as:

  • developing a successful business strategy that adds both social and financial benefit 
  • assessing and demonstrating a social effect 
  • Governance and legal frameworks 
  • processes. 
  • attracting capital investment 
  • structure of the organization

An entrepreneur can learn how to overcome difficulties such as present legal frameworks and financial models and staff management and investment decisions by receiving criticism and support from a mentor. 

Just as you wouldn't choose the first family doctor you met, you should take your time finding a mentor who is a good fit for your requirements and personality. When a mentor's skills, experience, and needs suit your own, the best match is created. 

Having a mentor's assistance throughout the start-up and first two years of business development is the most valuable resource for social entrepreneurs.


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