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The Road of Mentorship

  • 25th Jun'21

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. – Oprah Winfrey

The road of mentorship is topsy turvy as it requires a lot of patience and consistency. To motivate and guide someone in their career, not just for a moment but every day, is challenging. However, a mentor does all that regardless. He is constantly on the watch for opportunities to involve his mentees and show them the path to success. He considers every hurdle of the profession like time constraints, new updates, self-belief issues, or generation gap. A mentor enlightens his mentees and lets them take charge of their goals, plan, assess the progress, and materialize their goals. The value of mentorship is immense.


Types of Mentorship

There are two types of mentorship and four subtypes, namely:


Traditional Mentorship

A senior mentor guides a newcomer through his experience.


Transformational Mentorship

Here the ranking is not essential. The mentor and mentee can be equals who support each other.


Formal Mentorship

A counselor is allotted to you via your firm.


Informal Mentorship

It happens on an ad-hoc basis, so anyone from friends to seniors could be your mentor. 


Spot Mentoring

It implies advice given on the spot by anyone.


Peer Mentoring

2-way support from your colleagues for the growth of respective careers.


Need and Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring brings out the best in someone, not just benefitting the mentee but the firm at large. The more productive the employees, the better prospects for the company at large. It leads to better stress management and also addresses issues as burnout or imposter syndrome. Today there are many effective mentoring programs. Some of the benefits of mentoring are:

  • Sets goals and action plan
  • Empowers the mentee
  • It opens the way to build professional networks
  • Helps in better communication
  • Builds trust
  • Addresses professional and personal issues
  • Works 2-way to enrich the mentor-mentee relationship.

Mentoring evolves with time as the different phase in career has a different goal and mindset. In the early career, it is the technicality of the job; mid-career demands consistency, and later it is about taking on leadership roles. In these pandemic times, virtual mentoring has become very popular. A mentor ensures that you don’t give up on your ambitions for any setback. As said rightly, The road of mentorship leads you to the path where you meet yourself.


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