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The Relationship Between Happiness and Career Success

  • 27th Sep'21

From our childhood to working days, our parents, teachers, and bosses constantly told us to work hard to be happy and prosperous. The message seems subtly there with us throughout that happiness, and career success, share a relationship after all. 

Even if you look at the world today, it seems apparent how much desperation and desire people have to succeed. It’s like they can’t take failure as an option. Is there a special relationship between happiness and career success? Here are a few takeaways that you must stop doing to be happy in your career.


Is a Successful Career Required to be Happy?

The question here had stemmed from the years-long message passed on to us throughout. So, I had this question: If a successful career is, indeed, a requirement for a happy life? And my observation and experience tell – it is not. People do not necessarily have to be successful to be satisfied; however, successful careers are more positive and seemingly lead to a more guaranteed happy life. So, yes, the “Work hard and become successful and happiness will find you” kind of mantra we get fed across lifespan seems to state – A successful career brings happiness. Networking can also establish a healthy relationship between happiness and career success.


Career Success Can Take Away Happiness

Now, here is a catch. It’s not the successful career that can take away happiness but the ultimate chase towards it. Since we are so numbers-driven, like “If you are not earning a six-figure salary, you will lose out on so many happy things,” it perpetually drives happiness away at times. It happens because we are so focused on a set of numbers that we barely pause to rethink if that’s required to be happy?


Subject to Well Being

So, with the two contrasting observations between happiness and career success, I have one conclusion – The relationship between happiness and career success is a strong one as long as it is subjected to your well-being. Also, having separate short-term goals and long-term career goals can create a great relationship between happiness and career success.


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