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The Need to be an Impactful Virtual Mentor During the COVID-19 Crisis

  • 26th Sep'21

Change is the only constant in life. But the gravity of change can modify more prominent work structures and have a lasting impact on people. In such times, mentorship is essential, and management holds together fundamental values that ensure a smooth transition to help people adapt quickly. The COVID-19 crisis has made companies resort to working remotely. With the progression of the several variants and companies planning to take remote work into the future, we need to rely on online mentorship.

The article below highlights the techniques of coaching and mentoring during the COVID-19 crisis.


Why Change Mentoring Techniques?


1. Adapting to New Methods

Since methods of communication and networking have evolved in these times via emails, video conferences, virtual meetings, etc., we must be flexible to adapt these new methods and use mentoring program and mentoring software. Understand the process of mentoring through social distancing.


2. Extend Support

Reach out to your people through one-on-ones and look closely at what they need. Extend them your support and enhance the mentoring relationship. Grow through the damage.


Impactful Virtual Mentoring

Virtual mentoring can be polished and provide great results in productivity and job satisfaction. Here is how:



To keep employees motivated, be innovative with leader mentoring programs. Share podcasts and blogs to motivate employees.



Discuss their issues and assist them with solutions through online mentorship. Take learnings from your past and present the examples to them. Get rid of the formal face when you have to and lighten up the tension.



These tough times have affected the health of employees and leaders alike. Empathy and kindness can go a long way and drive employees to work efficiently.


The Secret

The secret ingredient to outstanding mentorship is the right attitude. Rowing away from the challenges through a deeper understanding of people’s mindsets is what sets mentors apart. We know that difficult times won’t last, but combining all workforce and producing quality work is the most significant achievement. It all depends on the right coaching and mentoring during COVID-19 and, afterward, a smooth transition. Crisis allows us to reflect on our work procedures and bring the best outcome.


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