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The Most Effective Way to Recognize a Good Manager

  • 30th Jul'21

There is plenty of rotten fish in the sea when it comes to management. In other words, there are plenty of failed managers in the corporate world.

If you are looking to change the job because of a bad manager or want to learn to be a good manager yourself, you need to learn how to spot a good manager. 

The most effective way to recognize a good manager is to look for some characteristics that I have mentioned to help you out:


  • Integrity

 A person who is at the top sets the tone for the team. So it’s obvious that if he is a person of integrity, he will be well-respected and establish the right tone for the organization.


  • Recognize Ability and Motivate 

Recognizes employees' abilities and motivates them to use them: A good leader always identifies their teammates' strengths and weaknesses. The one who can motivate their team to use their best abilities to the company’s advantage is a sign of a good manager.


  • Encourage Communication 

Encourages open and honest conversation. A good manager is always all ears for the concerns of their employees without any bias. This boosts productivity and makes employees feel their interests are taken care of.


  • Is Consistent and Fair  

Consistency and fairness are maintained at all times. A good manager is always fair and is not afraid of the repercussions, regardless of whatever position employees are involved in. They are supposed to make a safe working environment for all. When you spot a workplace where everyone's concerns are fairly treated, it's a sign of good management.


  • Always Positive 

Positive vibes When a manager exudes positive energy and outlook, it will start reflecting on the team members. It also aids their resilience and ability to cope with setbacks.


  • Low employee turnover rate

A low turnover rate (e.g., many long-serving personnel) is typically an indication of good management.


  • Empathic

An empathic leader makes people in their team feel seen and heard. They will understand their team better than most managers who do not have this trait. 

A competent manager may be a valuable professional ally in many ways, including as a coach, mentor, and organizational guide.


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