The Art of Negotiating with “The Reagan Method”

  • 11th Jun'21

Negotiators are a crucial asset for a business firm. You, too, can be one. You just need to master a set of skills. A good negotiator is someone good at both creating and claiming value. 

Well, to become a good negotiator, I recommend  you embrace the art of negotiating with ‘The Reagan Method’. 


Who was Ronald Reagan?

Ronald Reagan, the fortieth President of the United States of America, was known for his negotiation skills and persuasive manner. His methods were different yet successful. They were later known as the Reagan Methods of negotiating. You learn Reagan’s methods of Negotiation, and you rule the game. 



What is the Ronald Reagan Method? 

  • Be enumerative in your talks

Numbers speak. Enumerate all the agreements and discussions. This method helps in monitoring the points discussed during negotiations. 


  • Group and Prioritize 

Group the issues and prioritize them according to the easiest to most difficult ones. Group the problems according to their genre. Then, prioritize them accordingly. 


  • Monitor and summarize the discussions

It helps you in jotting down the positives. This practice also helps in shedding the negatives from a negotiation. This boosts your confidence to conduct the talks in the right direction. 



  • Credibility

Your credibility matters the most. Your words are weighed on how much credibility you have in the market. The key point in increasing your credibility is your good communication skills. 


  • Uncertainty is your enemy

Come with a clear message. It should hit your negotiators directly but should not be harsh as well.


  • Self Confidence is the key

Do not be underconfident. Your self-confidence will decide your performance during a negotiation. So show self-confidence and believe in yourself. 


Leadership expert, Investor, and writer Carol Sankar says, “These six tips will make you a good negotiator. Ask, Determine your value, Streamline your allies and advocates, Prepare for rejection, Get all negotiations in writing, and Package your skills.”  


For more information on the Reagan Method, Read the below article: 


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