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The 5 Best Mood-Tracking Apps for 2021

  • 14th Sep'21

Mood tracking apps are modern-day tools that are gaining popularity and users with every passing day. One of the contributing factors to their popularity is that most of them are available for free across App Store and Google Play Store. Mood tracking apps are an excellent way for a person to monitor their mood. So, if you are having trouble concentrating on work, sleeping peacefully, or are unable to get out of a negative mood but still don’t want to take a professional’s help right away, mood tracking apps may be beneficial. Also, with the pandemic affecting us bad mentally, mood-tracking can help to address depression symtoms during Covid-19.


Benefits of Mood Tracking Apps

Mood tracking apps have several advantages, but the greatest one is that they help us learn about how external factors such as our diet and lifestyles make us feel over time. Also, they help us identify a pattern in which someone’s mood shifts. Apart from this, mood tracking apps can even help a person:


  • Identify what triggers their bad moods and causes them to behave negatively.

  • Create strategies to enable us to counter low moods and harmful impulses.

  • Check to what extent any medication or therapy is working.

  • Deal with their imposter syndrome.


Best Mood Tracking Apps for 2021

Mood tracking apps are even helpful in the sense that it’s safe to try and monitor your mood. However, with so many perspectives tracking apps today, you can quickly get confused about which one you should use. For that reason alone, I’ve compiled a list of some best mood tracking apps below:



Daylio is an award-winning mood tracking app well suited for people who prefer visual selection over text selection. Here, you can find various videos for different moods, thus allowing you plenty of options to select as per your mood anytime. Also, the app has a feature named “Statistics and Calendar,” where you can record your mood even during remote work. You can use this feature to detect any pattern in your behavior or feelings.

Daylio is available for both iOS and Android users.


Worry Watch

Anxiety tends to kick at the worst possible time and ruin the whole experience of your event. The Worry Watch mood tracking app specifically built to help you track anxieties and help you regain some control over yourself. You can log into the app to record your worries and anxieties and later identify a pattern to resolve the anxiety-causing issues. The results on the app appear in a chart format, where you can check daily and month-long trends.

Worry Watch is only available for iOS users.



Research has shown that bipolar disorder has been increasing in people. Those with bipolar disorder, however, may not find many popular mood tracking apps helpful. Therefore, they should consider using eMoods as it is a particular mood tracking app created to ensure people dealing with bipolar issues can also monitor their mood swings. In this app, people can rate each mood entry on a four-point scale that ranges from “none” to “severe.” Apart from this, users can even record any psychotic symptoms they may experience. Furthermore, they can track their sleep patterns to measure how much their current therapy and medication work. Other than people with bipolar disorder, people who generally suffer from anxiety and depression can use this mood tracking app.

eMoods is available for both iOS and Android users.



Breathe2Relax is a unique mood tracking app. It works as a stress management tool that enables diaphragmatic breathing techniques to control stress. With this app, users can learn about the biology of pressure and breathing and their impact on the body. The app provides instruction and coaching related to diaphragmatic breathing that users can find help in their meditation practices. Furthermore, the results obtained from the app can be seen in a graph depicting measures of their improvement.

Breathe2Relax is available for both iOS and Android users.



RealifeChange is another special mood tracking app that can work as your life coach. With this help, you can boost your social satisfaction by identifying various mood shifts caused due to stress and anxiety. In this app, you can record your daily experiences and collect feedback on improving things in quite a realistic manner. Also, the app is fun and easy to use, with several instructive pieces of information to guide through.

RealifeChange is only available for iOS users.


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