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Structuring Your Startup Around Your Family Life

  • 21st Jun'21

Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work- Gustave Flaubert.

What comes to your mind when you start your own business? 


Work-life balance? 


All of them!!

That’s right! The idea of venturing into a new startup is mindblowing. However, the process is overwhelming. Structuring your startup around your family and making it a successful business is only possible through sheer hard work and intelligent juggling. Here’s how successful people plan their day.


Organize and Plan

It’s important to schedule, so use a planner. If you have children, get things done when they doze off. Plan your finances well to take care of your family, even if your startup takes a while to gain momentum.


Phase It Out

Make an activity list and strike out items as and when you complete the activity. Make a separate workspace to avoid interference and concentrate better.



Interaction is the key. Make sure you communicate effectively with your prospects. Also, let your family know how serious you are about your work to help you ambitious & realistic career goals.



You can’t do it all, remember that! Hire someone for your startup’s admin work or your home’s cleaning work to help you in better time management.


Eliminate Distractions

Give your 100 percent in whatever you do. E.g., If you are with your children in the morning, don’t get distracted by work and vice versa.


Detach When Necessary

Take a break, get enough rest, some fresh air, meditate not to be weighed down by your responsibilities.


Be Flexible

Exercise the art of flexibility to make life easier for everyone. It’s not always possible to stick to one strict routine; other demands revolve around you. Cater to them when necessary.


Dust Yourself Off

In the process, you will fall so many times. You will make mistakes and maybe fail initially. But do not give up. Instead, get up and own your mistakes.


Starting your business is an uphill task, more so with a family. However, do not overlook the silver lining in everything. Support of the family along with living your passion is a crackling combination to succeed.


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