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Stop Doing These to be Happy in Your Career

  • 26th Sep'21

When it comes to our career fulfilment, we often tend to draw comparisons with others. It is a sort of vulnerability that we cannot escape. However, while doing so, we usually look down at where we are in our careers to focus on the positives we may have in comparison. It can cause us to get distracted and surrounded by negative feelings. As a result, our career path starts to suffer unnecessarily.

If you genuinely want to be happy and prosperous in your career, you need to avoid becoming that person. If you get so distracted by others' careers, you can end up hurting your career. Yes, it can be difficult at times, but if you can let go of these three beliefs, you will never suffer because of it.


That Person has a Better Job than Me

Stop having such thoughts. If you are not content with your job, start working and looking for better opportunities. Don't let such thoughts cloud your work satisfaction and career goals.


That Person Earns More than Me

Now, this is another common problem with many. Once you start being bothered by how much the other guy is earning, you will grow restless and lose motivation. It would be best if you focused on your earnings and not others. Also, see if that is enough for your satisfaction and needs. Again, if still, you feel you are not satisfied by it, then focus on building your career for job promotion.


You Don't Need to be Happy Every Time

Yes, I've said it. To have a happy career, you don't have to look or be happy all the time. It is okay to have some downtime. Relax, because that's completely normal and acceptable in a happy career.


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