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10 Steps to Future Proofing Your Personal Brand for 2022

  • 19th Jul'22

I have been working on my personal brand for quite some time now and the one thing that I have realized is that people connect with your brand on an emotional level. Yes, I mean if you hear the name of Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Kellogg you must be feeling something, either good or bad, but it is definitely an emotion. 
It is clear that if brands really want people to be connected with them for a long time they need to align with their audience’s emotions and create a brand persona.

All brands eventually figure out how to establish a good relationship with their audience, but have you ever thought about creating a strong system so that your brand is less affected by the constant algorithm changes on social media?  Let’s go through these steps to future-proofing your personal brand.


1. Gain insight

There will be times when you will even ask this question - What’s the point of a personal brand?  In such a scenario, you will need to spend some time reflecting on the development of your personal brand. Are you certain of who you are as a person? What central beliefs guide you? Are your objectives consistent with who you are developing into?


2. Aim for becoming a unicorn

Recognize the special contribution that only you, with your experience, knowledge, and education, can make to your target audience. What issue do you resolve through your brand journey in a unique or superior way to others in the same industry?


3. Knowing your audience

You need to consider the issue you are trying to solve after you have that clarity around who you are and greater knowledge of your unique value. Get very detailed about the people who require your product or service and, more critically, the websites they frequent.

4. Grab their attention with your tagline

You should include information about who you are, what you do, how you do it, and for whom in your tagline. This can now be used in your online profiles and as an introduction when meeting new people. It shouldn't be more than a phrase. Your brand should be communicated here clearly.

5. Make changes to your online profiles

Purchase a professional headshot, as this is what people will notice when they visit your web profile. Put yourself in the position you want to be in. Make sure your profile has both your updated tagline statement and correct information about your brand. Use all the tools accessible; every touchpoint is a possible opportunity.

6. Hey Siri, type in

Start by conducting a straightforward Google search using your name, your brand name, and any relevant keywords. Keep track of your Google ranking and the initial links that lead to you. When people are looking for you, you want to know what they are seeing so you can make the appropriate updates or modifications.

7. Be renowned for something

Consider the reputation you wish to have in your field. Which search terms do you want people to use to find you online? What subject would you choose to talk about if you were given the chance to do so? Determine your niche, and then narrow it even further. The more particular your service is, the simpler it will be for the ideal customers to find you. Remember it will not just boost your online presence but also elevate your business

8. Create content and share it

List the top 10 inquiries you receive from clients or consumers. Use this as a springboard to start producing content for your target audience. Decide on the proper format, photos, video, and audio for your material by breaking down each question.

9.  Participate in discussions and collaborations

Be more than a poster on your social media sites. Share, connect, like, and comment. Begin establishing connections with others on all of your platforms. Real connections can result in genuine chances for collaboration, which can quickly increase your audience and reach as well as the size of your online community.


10. Choose the right platforms.

Personal branding in 2022 is witnessing a significant change as you can see there are various platforms now to establish your brand’s presence which was not available a decade back. 
I understand you want to experiment with different social media platforms but before you start your marketing and investing in it I would suggest first of all begin your networking with the people you would want to talk to. Engage with them online. During this process, you will get a clear idea of your target audience and also how to proceed in your brand promotion.


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