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Steps to Brand Yourself

  • 20th May'22

Do you know what makes an idea, a product, and more importantly, a person click with others? The uniqueness when combined with skills and knowledge can create a trust-filled experience. Also, the uniqueness allows other people to identify and connect with you at a deeper level.

Now, why do you think it happens? It happens because of the certain brand value other people see in a person. The person must have invested in themselves to be perceived in the certain way people find relatable. It is called personal branding.

We can define personal branding as a conscious and intentional effort aimed to create an influential public perception at an authoritative level. Personal branding helps a person elevate their credibility and allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition. Ultimately, it can provide a career edge and lead to a larger impact in the future.

Today, people understand the significant amount of value held in branding themselves. Be it the CEO of a company, marketing head, or a salesman many have recognized the effective change it can add to their company and career. However, many are still unsure of the way to brand themselves and in the process end up wondering how to get it done.


Steps to Brand Yourself

The importance of branding yourself is second to none. Personal branding helps with visibility, credibility, and opportunities. Therefore, you must brand yourself consciously while you have the opportunity. We understand not everyone is an expert at branding themselves. Therefore, here are some critical steps you can follow to brand yourself.


Identify Your Unique Value Proposition

As mentioned above, personal branding is about the uniqueness one has to offer. The best way to do it is to spend time identifying what’s unique or special about yourself. Also, evaluate how you can use it differently to stand out from your peers. Identify the values and vision you see for yourself (even your company). Try to estimate where you want to see yourself in the next two to five years and work accordingly.


Educate Yourself From Others Personal Branding

Many of your contemporaries and colleagues must have done a significant amount of work on their personal branding successfully. Besides, you can learn so much from others. So, get into conversations with people around whom you deem have done their branding adequately. Ask them for tips and nuances and try to implement them in branding yourself.


Identify the Target Audience

There is a famous saying about the luxury car brand Lamborghini - Lamborghini doesn’t do television advertisements cause its maker believes that their potential customers do not watch TV. Even Starbucks knows its target audience is coffee drinkers. So, its marketing keeps aimed at coffee lovers. Likewise, you will have to identify your target audience too. You must understand your consumer types and brand in a way such that they can connect with your vision and goals.


Fix Priorities

You may be an owner of a company or an employee. There you may always prioritize the company's interests when dealing with clients and co-workers. It is of great quality and speaks of loyalty towards the company. However, you prioritize yourself first. You must stay loyal to yourself first. The best personal brands are the ones that are built on authenticity. You are not authentic if you can’t prioritize yourself first.


Pay Attention to Details

It is a must to understand that whatever we do has consequences. Therefore, it becomes non-negotiable as to what you should do and shouldn’t when building your personal brand. Once you have defined your personal brand, you will always be watched by your target audience. From the way you dress to your eating habits to your body language, everything counts towards maintaining your personal brand. You must stay consistent with every little detail when interacting with co-workers, clients, and other target audiences.

Get on Social Media

Nobody can deny the power and reach social media holds today. We are, basically, living in the pinnacle of the social media era. Irrespective of where your business is located (online or offline), social media presence is a must. Also, the metrics support personal branding on social media as the most effective method. Having social media accounts on platforms like Twitter and Instagram can do wonders for your personal branding.

Use social media to promote your brand and network with others. Get on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Promote yourself, engage with others, and start building on your reputation. Eventually, try to land upon a Youtube podcast or other similar platforms to tell your story. Note that storytelling is a great way to attract people’s attention and gain their trust.


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