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5 Steps to Align Business Strategy with Gen Z Demands

  • 23rd Apr'22

Businesses have evolved with time to compete for talent, but currently, the transition is fierce. From Gen X to millennials, the pace was predictable, but the shift to Gen Z (born between 1990 and 2010) was a quick revolution. Businesses are gazing at this super confident youth that gets the ins and outs of technology. Their brilliance isn’t only confined to work standards, they are evaluating their lives spiritually with a commanding work-life integration. In such times, businesses must align their strategies to match the zeal and demands of these super-smart tech-savvy individuals. The article below will give you a peek at the benefits Gen Z look for in a job and how businesses can ensure the same.


Benefits Desired by Generation Z

1. Growth

Gen Z is super conscious about the learning curve within the organization. They like to be on the move, but not without understanding the entire structure. One of the crucial benefits Gen Z look for in a job is the growth factor. A firm that strikes a chord with its employees, encourages diversity, and keeps the interest alive within them through training, workshops, and cases appeal to them. Hence, businesses must invest more in creating an action plan for individuals to survive and grow in the firm.


2. Integration

As mentioned in the article, this generation has seen the actual impact of employment and growth in their lives and is more inclined toward a better work-life integration. They do not just seek a job to find a livelihood, they assess themselves better, analyze their abilities, and seek jobs they know they can be great at. Moreover, finding a balance in life, addressing burnout and stress, learning art, and aiming for sustainability are some of the approaches that they are keen on improving.

The distorted communication methods at the beginning of the pandemic and the economic distress hit everyone hard, especially Gen Z. A reflection on remote work has given companies a new opportunity to bridge all the gaps and make a life-long impact by counting on the intelligence and emotional quotient of their workforce.


3. Recognition

We are way ahead of the time when employees perform commendably without having any expectation of rewards or recognition from their employers. The generation today seeks validation and recognition for their efforts. And they feel violated when they don’t receive it. In these times of looks running the show, employees keep running after perfection, and anyone who appreciates that attitude wins them. It depends on how tastefully organizations handle the situations so that the Gen Z workforce does not feel they are being overlooked.


4. Transparency and Freedom

The benefits Gen Z look for in a job include transparency of the work process and situations. Most of them work with their goals perched in their minds and avoid companies that like to stay reserved with policies. An employer seeking such fast workers must ensure valuing their thoughts and individuality. This generation likes flexibility and productivity. As long as the work gets done, the employers should not be very strict about specific work timings if they want to attract them.


5. Innovation

One of the many benefits Gen Z look for in a job is innovation and motivation. Companies that evolve with time and input innovative methods attract the Gen Z crowd. Continuous monitoring of policies, inventive ways of recognition, and connecting with employees through informal events are some of the best methods to keep them engaged. People of this generation also crave validation and involvement in the decision-making process. Hence companies must be open to accepting feedback and making changes in the firm policies depending on the changing demands.


Pacing Up with Gen Z Demands

Businesses, by following given strategies, can pace up effectively with Gen Z demands and be the trusted hub for them.

1. Provide a transparent career development plan by employing courses, events, and workshops.

2. Ensure you are constantly guiding them through mentors and mentoring programs that keep them motivated to achieve their goals.

3. Create a system where Gen Z understands that their voices are heard and their grievances are addressed.

4. Ensure a system where work-life integration is a priority rather than just a rat race competition.

5. Ensure practicing the importance of stress-free life and mental well-being through meditation and yoga workshops.

6. Check the workload often to ensure that the employees do not feel violated and ensure a strong work culture.   

7. Practice rewarding employees for every achievement whether big or small and express gratitude for their efforts.

8. Have a one-to-one meeting with every individual within the team to ensure that they enjoy the process of workflow, are happy in their teams, and are having job satisfaction.


Moving With Time

The benefits Gen Z look for in a job come only when the organizations move ahead with time. As we know the pandemic helped women find work-life integration. At such times firms need to stop being stringent and practice displaying policies that show employees they care. A better work-life integration begins when work cultures are aligned to it. This is the time for organizations to create records by optimizing resources, providing career breakthroughs, and celebrating change.

In this quick shift behavior among Gen Z employees, organizations need to walk the talk and talk the walk. Saying that we are open to transitions isn’t enough; you have to reflect it in your policies, work ethics, and work process. It’s kind of a two-street relationship; what matters, in the end, is how your employees feel working for you.


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