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5 Social Media Mistakes That Can Disqualify You From Your Job

  • 20th Oct'22

There was a time when your CV was enough for employers to onboard you. But today, it has expanded to your social media profiles. When you send your CV to a particular organization, your employer goes through your profiles on social media platforms. This is just a routine check on what kind of person you are and what other interests you have. But if your profile is not updated or you are involved in unethical activity, you will lose the opportunity, whether you are moving on to new job or thinking about one you should have your social media profiel updated.

Today we will discuss the social media mistakes that could damage your career.


You have a profile, but it's private

Employers would not consider someone who lacks a social presence, according to 21% of those surveyed. If the employer catches you have something to conceal or nothing to display, your resume will be placed at the bottom of the pile.

For example, if you are a software developer with no social media presence, that could be dubious. But that is fine if you are public on professional platforms like LinkedIn but not on Facebook and Instagram.

I am not saying that you must showcase your life events to your organization. We are in the digital era, however, and remote work is trending all over. The HR or your employer will do a basic background check through your social media platforms, at least the professional ones. 


Mocking your customers

Mocking or griping about your clients might backfire just as severely as whining about your employer. You must have seen instances on the internet where people have clicked something awkward regarding their customers and posted it online. Frankly, complaining about customers just brings negative attention to your business. Again these are social media mistakes that could damage your career. Avoid publishing these complaints online because most companies won't tolerate that. 


Posting offensive comments

"Think twice before you speak." How many times have you heard this? It is simple to understand when it comes to verbal expression. What about when you are online? 

Our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. There is a famous quote by D.A Bale - "Just because you have the right to do something, doesn't make it the right thing to do."

When you start posting anything in the name of your opinions, it shows your insensitivity. 

You are a part of an organization; it's a discipline. So, however you choose to post as you like or emotionally post anything, remember you are representing your company. You don't want to damage your reputation because you can't restrain yourself from posting an offensive statement.


Oversharing about your life

Normally, you have called in sick, but you were absolutely fine by evening. But then you need to relax and stop yourself from oversharing. Don't post about your lavish lunch or the karaoke night you enjoyed if you work remotely or from home. It's wise to avoid posting at all when working from home. Your coworkers and managers will feel that you aren't working. I know it's small, and maybe you will not be held responsible. Do not forget even if one thing goes wrong, you will be held accountable sooner or later. If you are feeling better, your employer doesn't need to know every detail You can simply resume your work the next day, and your employer will know.



Your job may be at risk if you leave offensive or improper remarks on someone else's social media posts. This is known as cyberbullying. Your current job (and future career) may be in peril if a coworker or client you deal with overhears your offensive remarks. Earlier I mentioned not posting irrelevant comments. Cyberbullying is just the next level. It is easier to fall into this trap. If you are angry with someone, or their activities upset you, and you think doing something vengeful against them will bring justice, you are wrong. This will only create obstacles for you. If you find something unethical, then you can report it to legal authorities but do not take it into your hands. Your sentiments are your thing; the company only focuses on your work and your approach to certain things. Set your boundaries according to that.


What are three ways social media can have a negative effect on employment?

Everyone reading this blog has their purpose for using social media. It's good you are connected with the world but do not forget the negative impact of social media on your employment. Here are three ways how it negatively affects your employment -


Decrease in productivity

If you start scrolling online every minute, you will see new content. That's how the algorithm works; the more you are online, the more these brands generate profit. Apart from this, you will see it has decreased your productivity. Social media has so much content available, and fresh content is being uploaded every second that it's just too simple to slide into addiction.


Damages your reputation

Earlier in the blog, I mentioned posting anything online is not advisable. Your every word is scrutinized because you are representing your firm. It is a risky thing to experiment with your words online. If you post something offensive, it will just take a split second to sabotage your reputation. 


Causes conflict among your colleagues

When you are communicating with a purpose online with your colleagues, then you have innovative ideas. Still, if you are doing the same thing outside your workplace, just an ordinary conversation on any platform, it is normal to have conflicts; there you are not coming with a purpose to talk. 

You need to take care of social media mistakes that could damage your career. This takes time. Practice it, and implement it in your life.


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