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Smart Networking: How to Advance Your Career

  • 29th Dec'22

Creating the perfect career is no easy task. That's why we've created human-readable topic pages, covering everything from selecting a career for you to advancing in your current one. Read this article thoroughly to understand how you can advance your career through smart networking.

How do I advance my networking career?

Smart networking is key to building your brand.

As a business owner, you will find that networking is an important part of marketing. You might even say that "networking" is like "social bait" - designed to lure people in. On the other side are those who love the idea of connecting with others one on one. Meetings, social functions and parties are the perfect place to make these connections! If you are perusing a job opportunity and have time to spare, offer your card and say something like "let's set up a time to talk."

Smart networking is a powerful tool that can help you connect with people, develop meaningful conversations, and advance your career. Here are seven tips for using smart networking tools to grow your network and achieve success.


Always have a clear and positive mindset

These openers can be used in a variety of situations, and are great to have on standby. That way, when you first meet someone, you don't have to fumble for what to say.

So, how do you upgrade networking skills? Just look at these examples, you will understand. 

  • “What movies have you seen recently?” 

  • “What was interesting about the presentation?”


Come up with an agenda

An awkward small talk situation often arises when it seems like you don't have anything to talk about. Actually, the problem is that there's just too much to talk about. Focus your conversation on two topics, making a list of questions related to each topic on a notepad.

If you're looking for where to meet new people or share your opinions, have a look at the "get" list. If you want to offer your expertise it's easy - just list it on the "give" page. Here's how you can make a plan for your career.


Observe and learn

After you've asked your opening question, listen carefully to the person's answer. Let them focus on what's important and continue listening. Don't rush in, or try to direct or solve their troubles. Instead, think about what they need and what you're willing to "give."


Be Attentive

Just because you're in a networking event doesn't mean you have to say anything and just listen. You can try asking questions that keep people on their toes. Talk about your own experiences with different kinds of businesses and what makes them unique - whether it's your own business, or an industry you're passionate about.


Find something common

Open up at the start to be vulnerable by telling someone about yourself, your history, and your current situation. Let the person know exactly what you're looking for in a conversation. By sharing a bit of information upfront, it creates a foundation for trust and a level playing field that can lead to something greater.


Seek help when needed

Getting help from other people is a lot of fun and usually doesn't take much effort. This article offers some suggestions for how to use your allotted agenda time for maximum impact, including getting ideas for your upcoming project from someone else or an article you've enjoyed.


Build strong relationships by proceeding to the next step

Asking for a date can be awkward and nerve-racking, but it doesn't have to be. If you want to continue the relationship and build on your new connection, end with what you're going to do next or what you expect of the other person.



There are many ways to network with people while grabbing their attention. One way is to be genuinely interested in them and prepare in advance. Once you've laid this groundwork, your relationships can only help your business by creating opportunities to collaborate or translate their interests into content solutions for your audience.


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