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Six Items for Your Leadership Team Meeting Agenda

  • 11th Jun'21

We all just heard about the countless leadership summit that has taken place over the years. And while most of us may not have bothered ourselves to look beyond the headlines in tabloids and newspapers, there are many reasons why it is crucial. We alone can complete a few tasks independently; however, to achieve larger goals, everyone will need a well-oiled machine team. To get a team like leadership must cautiously set their team meeting agenda to propel their team together in the right direction.


Focus of Team Meeting Agenda

As per the lessons in leadership, the primary focus of team meetings must be to make business decisions quickly and efficiently. As a leader, you will have to pass on every information to every responsible subordinate or manager to ensure they can make their decisions effectively. However, everything is more accessible said than done. Therefore, let's look at the items for your leadership team meeting agenda and take your leadership to a notch higher and your business a step closer to success.




Provide a Personal Update

Yes, we all are busy people and barely get time to make friendly human interactions regularly. But, it is advisable that to set the tone of the meeting, you must start with something personal rather than professional. It can help you avoid any of the awkwardness or can work as an icebreaker. Now, it is relatively easy to accomplish this. As you can start with a simple question such as:


  • How was everyone's weekend?
  • Any exciting plans for this weekend?
  • Where are you guys planning to tour next?



One of the primary reasons for team meetings is identifying individual activities and involvement to track progress and OKRs. To discuss everyone's performance, one can overwhelm the forum as it will take a lot of time. It may lead people to lose interest in the subsequent meetings and, as a result, can spiral down to other areas as well. So, here is a simple method that you can rely on to make your sessions time-effective. You can call it the "red, yellow, and green method."

You can use this method while running on OKRs. Consider green to be least significant, yellow to be moderate, and red to be most important. As a result, the reds should be the focus of discussions.


Highlight the Wins and Insights

Sometimes a little recognition can go a long way and bring you more remarkable results. Highlighting wins and insights is about accomplishing this. Since it is nearly impossible to interact with everyone on your team daily, you can use the team meeting as a space to bridge that. As part of the leadership, meetings promote workplace culture as well, and there cannot be a better way than talking about wins and sharing some insights on what's happening across the company and how you plan to take the next step. Acts like this will fill the room with positivity and leave many unknown names with some recognition to inspire them further to continue with the excellent work.


Share the Messages Beforehand

If you call for a team meeting with little information, then it can lead to a whole lot of chaos and confusion. The last thing a leader should wish to see their team find themselves surrounded by either of the two. So, what a leader should do is fill in space between calling for a meeting and holding it. The simple and effective method to fill in that void is to share messages beforehand. Yes, let the points of discussion be known to your team already. As a result, most of them will come prepared and help conduct a smooth and effective meeting.


Hot Seat

Sometimes the view from the sidelines helps more than to be a part of the play. Leaders can always elect a person to oversee a meeting while he observes the procession. Now, this is a great technique to turn your team into a well-oiled machine mentioned above. It can be an all-hand or stand-up to fuel individuals to grab an opportunity and prove their worth. Besides, the more transparency, the better the team can work together.


Don't Carry Forward An Issue

Another important reason behind team meetings is to solve any issues bothering the company or your team members. Therefore, focus on solving any such problems and resolve them by the end of the session. Besides, ensure that similar issues don't occur in the next meetings. Also, stay updated with the new trends in leadership and management.


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