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Simple Ways To Manage Your Boss 

  • 23rd Jun'21

How is your relationship with your boss? 

Let’s find out! 

Employees and bosses share a very sensitive relationship. However, this quiet, cordial relationship sometimes gets messy when you have a difference of opinion with your boss. It is very important on how you manage your boss.  You have to find ways to manage your boss

Handling work pressure and managing your boss at the same time is difficult. You both are equally responsible for balancing this relationship. As an acclaimed author, Napoleon Hill said, “Your real boss is the one who walks around under your hat.”  

How is your relationship with your boss?

It matters a lot. You both have to step in each other's shoes and think from one another’s perspective. You have to go the extra mile to continue that level of comfort between you two. Moreover, in todays scenario, you also need to find ways for managing a virtual boss. These do’s and don'ts will surely help you in managing your boss better. 


How to manage your Boss? 




  • Empathize with your boss

Managers have their fears and concerns. They are not robots who only assign you work, give you a raise, and promote you. They also are humans. They handle more pressure than you do. It is even challenging to maintain an equilibrium with you as well as the higher officials for them. 


  • Make them feel important

Ask for their opinions. When you work according to your boss’s suggestions and ideas, revising the work is minimal. It saves you and their time, performance improves, and targets are achieved. 


  • Try knowing their performance goals

Like you, even your boss has a set of targets to achieve. If you know about their goals, you can help them achieve their objectives through your work. 




  • Consider Moods 

Avoid initiating a conversation with your boss when you are upset and vice versa. It usually turns into an argument. 


  • No Complaints 

Don’t be a complaint box. Instead, convert your complaints into suggestions and then approach your boss for changes. 


  • Avoid living on Assumptions 

Don’t live on assumptions. Taking for granted that your boss knows everything is one biggest misconception. Any information you think is valuable, immediately share with them. Keeping it to yourself, assuming that your boss would already know this might land you in trouble.  


  • Don't burden your Boss with your problems 

Never ask your boss to solve small problems. This approach increases their work burden. Things you can take care of, do not pass it to your boss. Just keeping them updated about it will do. 


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