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Short-Term Goals That Will Change Your Life

  • 31st Aug'21

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. – Tony Robbins.

We all have dreams and aspirations. Anything that you wish to excel in or achieve is an aspiration and the small steps to those outcomes are your goals. Goals are like steps but practical. They can be short-term or long-term. A short-term goal is the one you want to realize in a short period, usually less than a year. They act as stairs and together, many short-term goals back your long-term goals in the long run. They work together to change your life.

Life is very short and we often stay hooked to our responsibilities without finding meaning. Short-term goals help us pause and reflect on what we want in life and how we go about grabbing it. We need to have that vision and track our daily progress through these achievable short-term goals.


How do you Make a Goal?

It’s easy. Brood what you want in life! Break it into an achievable fragment and allot a time frame to each fragment and mix your passion, creativity, and hard work, and you have yourself an ambitious career goal!.

Literally speaking, this attempt is easily packed in a technique called S.M.A.R.T. SMART stands for Small, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound! If you use these features to build a goal, you are already progressing towards a brighter future.


Examples and Categories

In this article, I will list down few short-term goals that will change your life for good! It will not only motivate you to be the best version of yourself, but it will also help you stay on track, barring occasional disturbances. These goals may seem simple and you may argue they are not ambitious enough! But that’s the point. We will break our intentions to take baby steps(short-term goals) for a long-term goal. So let’s take a look at the categories.


Personal Goals

  • Use minimum screen time when not working.
  • Find at least 30 minutes a day to focus on your health with meditation or exercise.
  • Read at least 10 pages per day.
  • Update yourself with at least 2 new things every day.
  • Organize your work table and cupboard every Sunday.
  • Pray every night before you sleep. Ensure you maintain your mental health.


Work Goals

  • Check-in for work 5 minutes earlier.
  • Complete one certified course or training every month relevant to your job.
  • Reach out to your mentor and give him a peep at your work track once every week.
  • Recommend one colleague on their special skills over a job portal once a week.
  • Learn basic skills in a maximum of 3 days during a job up-gradation. 
  • Listen to the podcast or speech of at least one influential leader once a week.


People Goals

  • Check-out of work in a maximum of an hour post-work-hours every day in regular workdays.
  • Plan a fun activity every weekend with your family.
  • Train yourself to speak less and listen more at least for one session every day with focussed effort.
  • Create a plan to see your friends over game nights once a month.
  • Cook a meal at least once a week for your significant other.
  • Call up a close friend or relative once a month.


Monetary Goals

  • Home cook your food for at least 3 days every week.
  • Save up one-third of your pay every month strictly.
  • Maintain an expense journal and update it weekly. Keep a maximum limit on the expenditure.
  • Make a separate fund account for short-term travel goals or other recreation and invest a daily fixed amount at least 2 months prior.
  • Invest some time on savings and SIP plans at least once a week.
  • Clear your credit card debts timely and do not keep the dues for more than 2 months.

These goals are few samples that you can implement in your schedules directly or modify parts of them. Such clear examples are beneficial in real-time to give you a direction in life. Well, what happens if you still can’t meet them?


Dust Yourself Off

It is only human to run out of track once in a while and if that ever happens, move on to the goals set for the next day. The only thing you have to maintain is your interest in leading a better life, dreaming of a better tomorrow, and getting back on track. Failures also come with their set of lessons. Ensure you grab the lessons with a pinch of awareness. If you fall short of motivation in pursuing your goals, seek support from a friend or family. There are many communities dedicated to offering you techniques to stay true to your goals! So buckle up, raise your spirits and stick to your goals to get the life you have always wanted! But remember to take, One Day At A Time!  


Shellye is committed to helping people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their aspirations in careers and life. The content published above was made in collaboration with our members.

Shellye Archambeau is determined to help you with all possible strategies to climb the ladder of success. She values your feedback. Do mention them in the comment section below.

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