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Salary Negotiation Tips (How to Get a Better Offer)

  • 27th Jan'22

It’s no surprise that people ask for a better salary once their job search has ended. If employees get a reasonable salary, they won’t refuse the offer. But the pandemic changed the viewpoint of skilled professionals. 

According to the 2022 Salary Guide From Robert Half, the shortage of skilled employees is high. This increases the demand and pays scale for top talents in almost every field.

Suppose you are specialized in on-demand skills with an impressive resume. But don’t know negotiation strategy, then you could miss out on better packages.

Most hiring managers give time for employees to decide their salaries. They won’t expect an immediate answer. So, it’s advisable to do some research and ask for a better salary. 

Here are a few salary negotiation tips that can help you out. Be confident and ask for what you want. 


1. Be Familiar With Salary Trends 

In a salary negotiation, information is the strongest source. You can check the Robert Half Salary Guide to find the compensation trends in your field. 

You must enter the salary negotiation information as mentioned. Likewise, you can find the ongoing compensation based on your geographic area in that guide.

Pay particular attention to the "on-demand jobs" and "top skills" sections of the Salary Guide. With this, you can confidently demand better packages from your employer. If you got the on-demand skills, it’s more acceptable to ask for negotiation. 

The employer must be searching for someone like you with relevant experience and skills. This is the better way to negotiate higher pay.


2. Build Your Case

Don't just ask for a high number once you receive the offer letter with the salary mentioned. Even if you don’t have proper research support, you can still explain it. 

You can convince employers with better pay by highlighting your strengths and skills while negotiating salary offers. Before negotiating, just know your skills and experience to explain why you’re a good fit for the company. 

You can highlight things like certification or specialized technical skills. Don’t fail to mention your skills because the initial pay scale is significant.


3. Tell The Truth

Being honest itself can place you in a better position. While asking for negotiations, honesty is also significant. 

If you provide false statements, then your hiring manager may withdraw your offer.  So, it’s better to provide your past salary and promotions details on point to avoid issues later.


4. Know The Perks And Benefits

Salary negotiation skills come alongside employee perks and benefits. It may include your extra vacation days, flexible hours, or work-from-home schedule. Always know the perks before stating your demands in general. 

You need to consider what’s valuable for you. Then, you can negotiate to get better attractive packages. 

If you have multiple job offers, you can even compare health insurance coverage, retirement savings plans and other benefits. Everything will exactly tell you the real benefits and opportunities for better growth with your employer.


5. Practice Your Delivery

This may sound different to some people, but it’s better to practice before execution. You can practice with your friend or mentor to get the conversation right. This will also help you to create good impressions in your hiring manager. 

It’s good to choose a business-savvy person who can help you build confidence and answer random questions. Practice makes perfection, so try to shape yourself better before heading into the salary discussion.


6. Know When To Wrap Up

Most employers won’t withdraw your job offer when negotiating better pay. But it will be hard for the hiring manager too. 

As they have to discuss with senior management before making any decisions. So, don’t make it a sour conversation with your manager if you’ve not received proper notice after a few conversations. 

It’s better to look for other opportunities and focus on better compensation. As you have the skills, you can definitely get a better salary. 


7. Get Everything In Writing

Once you have convinced the hiring manager and settled on a better compensation, ask for written documentation. 

Even if the company is very trustworthy, it’s better to get a written statement of your salary amount as it’s important to get your bonus or allowance in the future. 

These documents will also have your roles and responsibilities mentioned clearly. Ensure the written documents are signed by employers, and then give your signature. 

Some companies may have a contract, so discuss everything with your employer. Then make your final decision of joining the company.


8. Stay Positive

Remember that few hiring managers may not be interested in negotiation. It’s always fruitful to have a positive tone while negotiating salary job offers. 

If you feel the starting salary offer is not sufficient, go ahead and ask for it. Jobseekers must be confident and accept the offer only if it fulfills their demands.

Most employers look for candidates with specialized skills and ready to pay a high salary. Do your homework, find the tactics and build confidence for your success.


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