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4 Reasons Emotional Intelligence Gives Women an Upper Hand as Negotiators

  • 27th Aug'21

Women, in general, have always been more empathetic and self-aware in comparison to men. Even they possess the ability to have a more positive outlook in various scenarios. All of it is mainly credited to the emotional intelligence where they excel the most. But do you know women nowadays are doing great in coaching, mentoring, teamwork, and adaptability? A great way to look at it would be to see the number of women entrepreneurs that have increased significantly in recent years.

Don’t you think it is an excellent outlook for aspiring women who seek to make a name for themselves in various workspaces? Now, do you know what also makes them a better negotiator? The same innate emotional intelligence comes to them naturally intertwined with the soft skills required to succeed in negotiation has helped them master the art of negotiating. Do you want to know how? It is due to the four reasons stated below:


Relationship Building

For any negotiation to take place successfully, mutual understanding is exceptionally crucial. It would be best if you didn’t come across as selfish while negotiating, and the best way to avoid such situations is in relationship building. Having a good relationship minimizes the chance of getting misunderstood and misrepresented.


Ability to Express More

Emotional intelligence helps women to express themselves better. As a result, they can articulate their side of the argument more meaningfully than men.



Yes, in negotiation, it is an advantage to be in control and influential. However, pushing for it can be risky. But since women are superior in emotional intelligence, they don’t have to be authoritative. Their empathy and relation-building abilities are enough to be influential.



Some people may tell you sensitive people are not meant for business. However, sensitivity can be the joker in the pack, incredibly, in high stake negotiations when it comes to negotiation. Again, emotional intelligence gives women an upper hand as negotiators because of their sensitiveness even when they are making the first offer for negotiation.


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