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Plan A Career-Switch Without Letting Your Employer Know

  • 21st Dec'21

If change doesn’t hurt a little, it’s not change. You have to go beyond where you’re comfortable, or you’re not progressing! – Aliza Licht

It is common for millennials to switch careers to grab a better opportunity. And why shouldn’t they? It is only justifiable with so many changes in the work ecosystem, economy, competition, and work styles. However, switching careers while still at work is challenging because most employers do not appreciate the idea. The article below will discuss smart ways to switch careers and discreetly do it.

But before we get into the how part, let’s understand the need to switch careers.


What Makes Employees Switch Careers?


Better Opportunities

The post-pandemic was an eye-opener to many millennials and employers alike. Some companies pulled off the pandemic gracefully, whereas some decided for a mass layoff of their employees. It is only natural for employees to seek better opportunities to ensure career growth. So the better the opportunities in the market, the sooner the switch.


Attractive Pay

One of the most fundamental reasons for career switching is a handsome remuneration. Even when employees do not claim it upfront, a pay package is a driving factor for them. Millennials research well about what they deserve considering their position, performance, and qualifications. In fact, technology has made it easier to compare pay over in similar industries and helps millennials know their worth.


Competitive Projects

Another reason employees switch careers is because of the monotony in doing the same type of job in a given structure. Millennials enjoy challenging themselves to take up competitive projects, and these experimenting millennials cannot overlook organizations willing to offer a variety of project opportunities.


Work Culture

Employees often cannot express the importance of this underrated factor for working, but it is influential. Work culture shapes an individual, gives them the experience of workplace inclusivity, team building, and much more. And the relationship between happiness and career success is powerful. Employees dissatisfied with the work standards of their current organization would be willing to jump to one that does give them a more meaningful experience.


Why Switch Discreetly?

Now we know career switching is inevitable, whether the employer agrees to it or not. However, employees can explore smart ways to switch careers discreetly. Even though being quite shaken by the recent firing of about 900 employees over a Zoom call, I still support the fact that the process of switching should be a secret for two reasons.


1. To show your respect for the current organization by being mature about the switch. It is, after all, a company that employed you and recognized your efforts.

2. To not lose on the consistency. Sometimes people getting too excited and sharing about a new job before getting one could destroy their zeal to excel at the new job.


Smart Tips to Switch Careers Discreetly

Stay Committed To Your Present Job

Once you start job hunting and schedule your interviews, there could be a lot on your plate, but don’t forget your priority. You are still in your current job and have your responsibilities. So, achieve career fulfillment but do not lose out on your commitment to the current company.


Separate Your Personal and Work Gadgets

We often mistake searching our requirements or making personal calls using office gadgets. Please refrain from doing so as it may get you caught or unintentionally share sensitive information. One of the smart ways to switch careers quietly is to use your personal resources to schedule new interviews. Finding out the company’s background, people, or reaching the interview destination must be done privately.


Don’t Spill The Beans Before the Offer

You might be excited about your new job or may want to show off your credibility by boasting about your success in the current organization. If undervalued here, you might want to show your current employer their place by being upfront about your options. But be a good boss to yourself and seal your words until you get a formal offer because things could take an ugly turn before an offer confirmation. You may lose the position at your current job, too.


Keep Your Social Media Updates Silent

Silence your LinkedIn and Monster notifications as any job updates could trigger your boss or colleagues if they are in your contact list. Your profile obviously impacts building your network; however, just keep your skills visible. You can share job updates when you have a formal offer at hand to not lose out on your current job.


Talk When You Are Ready

It is good to keep your eyes open for better opportunities, but do not have conversations about career switching unless you are sure to leave the present company with a better offer. One of the smart ways to switch careers discreetly is to prepare yourself with skills, knowledge, and certificates and then get through the grind. Talk with your boss only when you are ready to take control of the situation.

Undoubtedly, many leaders these days support the idea of shifting jobs and focusing on a self-growth curve. They facilitate healthy relationships by fostering employees to develop skills and advance their careers. They do not hold back in directing millennials for a brighter future in or outside the organization. They prove that times are changing for the good and advocate that career-switching is indeed a good initiative taken by a concerned employee.


Shellye is committed to helping people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their aspirations in careers and life. The content published above was made in collaboration with our members.

Shellye Archambeau is determined to help you with all possible strategies to climb the ladder of success. She values your feedback. Do mention them in the comment section below.

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