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6 Personality Types That Never Get Promoted

  • 16th Jul'21

Our personalities are doors to our thoughts. The way we present ourselves gives the idea to others of how we are. While good professionals need many skills to land that promotion, an overdose of the skills can prevent their visibility. It can be unpleasant to some people, and they would reconsider if they find the following personality types in the people nominated for promotion. Many people sadly feel these types are essentials for a job promotion whereas in reality it is not.


Personality Types that Never Get Promoted and Reasons


The Gossip Monger

If you know someone who believes in office rumors or spreads them, ask them to behave. When you are at your office premises, understand there will be eyes watching over you. It may not be your immediate boss’s, but whatever you do will reach people anyhow. So be careful, avoid failure and get responsible if you want the promotion.


The Silent Lamb

In challenging times, lambs are quiet and disoriented. They hardly contribute to ideas and believe in following a herd. Their showy nature repels them from goal-oriented professionals, and unless they prove their worth in the work they do, they are sure to miss that dream of getting a raise.


The Whiny Wolf

You must know of colleagues who have a problem with everything from how a peer handles a situation to how a boss attends his superintendents. This category vibrates pessimism, and an office culture demands positivity. It makes them the least favorable choice for promotion.


The Lone Victim

If you know a teammate who blames others for all the mistakes and plays victim, you know they are good at blame games. Not onlydo they lose the support  necessary for getting promoted, but people also dislike having them in their teams.


The Angry Bird

They are highly outrageous and don’t mind pulling a tone if someone misses a piece of work. The presence of this type makes it hard for people to concentrate. Creating such a scare in the office premises turns out against their chances of promotion. 


The Fake Enlightened one

Do you constantly advise your coworkers of the correct way of doing work? As you flaunt that over-smartness, not only do you lose a raise but also people around. You should take time to set your career goals and proceed likewise.

Your commitment, loyalty, and the right attitude are the combination that makes you a power-packed employee who is ready to go levels up in your career. But don’t forget consistency since, 

It’s more difficult to stay on top than to get there – Mia Hamm. 


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